Day #4



Had lovely #SitWithAndrea companions today: Scientists Nathan Phillips and Lawrence Licklider. I was vastly out-braincelled, but we had a great conversation about the nature of activism and climate change. Today’s envelope contained a Human from the Incineration Zone, and other informative printouts

More info on Nathan Phillip’s work on gas leaks

Day #3


#SitWithAndrea Charlie Baker, I’ll be here from 1:15-1:30 EVERY work day, wondering why you’ve ghosted #Weymouth & won’t #StopSpectra

I’ve delivered you a copy of Itai Vardi‘s recent story about your connections to a Spectra lobbyist, Bill Weld, and Facebook reactions/shares. You are disillusioning more and more people every day.


#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence

Day #2


Charlie Baker I’ll be here in your waiting room EVERY work day between 1:15 and 1:30 wondering why you’ve ghosted Weymouth. I left you a note introducing some of the Humans of the Incineration Zone today. These are the faces of people who live 1,000 feet or less from the proposed Spectra pipeline and/or compressor station. They will do whatever they can to stop Spectra Energy from siting their compressor station in one of the most densely populated areas ever proposed. These are the people who do not want a pipeline running right next to their houses or a gas compressor as a close neighbor. These are the faces of people in the Incineration Zone. If there’s an accident or explosion, these people would be flattened.

If you want to talk, you know where I’ll be and when.

#SitWithAndrea #StopSpectra  #PolitePersistence

Day #1

FROM FEB 28th:

A door or two’s width away from Governor Baker.

Guess where part of my lunch hour everyday will be spent, for as long as it takes to get Baker to acknowledge Weymouth? I’ll be sitting on these nice golden couches in the waiting room, with past Governors staring at me from paintings, and having a relaxing interlude with Facebook or a book. I’m not protesting, I’m waiting.

#SitWithAndrea  #PolitePersistence

2/28/18 EDIT: At 42:00 I tell the Senators attending the Canton Commonwealth Conversation event what I was going to do. It was my very first day sitting, and the Senators were the first people I told. Nothing like committing to something in front of lawmakers and on video, LOL.