Days #206 – #211

I have been avoiding this blog post because it’s gonna be painful. I’ll start with the halcyon days of #206, LOL. (LOL, I have stopped and started this post so many times)


I started this post Nov 20th, and then left it. It’s been fraught out here in Weymouth. Dammit.

I’ll go back through my files and go by day:

Day #207, I was able to wait out Gov Baker as he made his way to the Spilka/DeLeo leadership meeting. The amount of fuss made by me just standing there, waiting (as I do) was just plain stupid. Honestly, could Baker not just ever talk to a constituent that wasn’t kissing his bum? Good grief.

I brought these two printouts I made to show him … show him what? I don’t know.

At this point his administration hadn’t had Coastal Zone Management approved and I wished against truth to show him he could still change his ways. LOLOLOL. Gov Baker gives not a care about us.

I was able to wait him out, and when he walked out of his back exit, across the hall to DeLeo’s office, I (for the first time in my life) strode to him. Baker shuffled off pretty fast, and I had Zach, his body guy, following me and muttering about how I shouldn’t do this.

I didn’t stride fast enough, of course. But I did get right up to DeLeo’s door and slide my paperwork under the closed door.

I mean, my dog, this is SO ridiculous. WTAF is wrong with Baker?

That’s really all I brought in until day #211, Nov 8th. It been a little over a month since then, but it feels like 6 months.

211 was my last day in the Gov’s office.

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One Reply to “Days #206 – #211”

  1. You are an amazing person – kind honest and you took actions, big small, quiet, louder, educated, intelligent.
    You are no threat to an honest person. That is all.
    Shame on the governor.
    Love to you and your family.
    We know this is not over.

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