Days #203, 204, 205

I took a major break after day #202. I think it was almost 2 weeks, but with off-site Baker bird-dogging interspersed between days off from sitting in Baker’s office. I count the birddogging as sitting. It’s harder than sitting actually, way more stressful.

It was a busy couple of weeks:

September 30th, Betsy, Alice, Mike and myself were in Quincy outside a private event with our” When Will You Stop the Weymouth Compressor” signs. We’d literally rather be doing *anything but* stuff like this, but Baker leaves us no choice.

September 28th, FRRACS had the 2nd annual Fall Fest at Kings Cove Park next to the proposed site, and had Cardboard Charlie in attendance. That’s the closest Baker has ever come to the site (to my knowledge). The travelling Baker was part of a 350 Mass action.

October 2nd, Ed Markey visited the site which was the same day Nathan Phillips was the first compressor protester to be arrested (at DEP offices).

October 8th, Wendy and I waited outside a State House Hearing room for Gov. Baker to finish giving testimony on his big Housing Bill. Honestly, you’d think Wendy and I (who were recognized, of course) were waiting outside the hearing room with rocket launchers. I’ve never seen a human try so hard to sneak out of a room. The press was running around the back and front entrances to try to get statements from him. It was ridiculous. He snuck off with nary a comment to the press on his Housing Bill because Wendy and I were there.

October 10th was the absolutely useless PIP meeting regarding the toxic coal ash waste at the site. Link to the meeting video.

October 17th, Wendy, Alice, Nathan, Ross from Sunrise Movement Boston, and myself birddogged Baker at a cyber security forum at the State House where he was speaker. This is where I got my first threat of bodily removal from the State Police because they didn’t like where I was standing in a public building. I wish I knew more of my rights around stuff like this. I moved.

The cyber folks from across the state and country got an eyeful of Baker’s real legacy.

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