Day #200

September 25, 2019
What can I say about Day 200, other than “why is this project not dead yet?” What can we say every time we reach a new anniversary, big round number or anything similar related to this terrible proposal?

Anyway… I was joined by some steadfast allies helping Weymouth and the Fore River basin:

Here is a livestream video of me reading our collective demands on Governor Baker regarding the compressor project. Here is the text:

What would you do to save your home, Gov Baker? How hard would you fight?

Those of us who live in the Fore River Basin area and beyond are doing everything we can to save our homes and health from the Weymouth compressor project. You have blocked us many times during the last 5 years. You have done everything in your power to play both sides of the issue: keeping your connections and donors happy by not opposing the compressor project publicly, and ordering token studies and reviews to keep the compressor opposition at bay. But the studies and reports never appear, or are deeply flawed, while state permits are approved. This must stop NOW. 

I’m here on my 200th day sitting in the Governor’s office–during Climate Action Week–to read an urgent list of 4 demands regarding the compressor:

1) Immediately direct your state agencies to use existing Massachusetts laws to deny the remaining state permits. You want to hear the laws you can use to help stop this project, and void the air permit? I have some laws for you – this list does not include all of them:

310 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 9.12 – the compressor is not water dependent as Enbridge claims. The state can reject the compressor siting using this law. 

310 CMR 9.02 – Under oath, Enbridge admitted that the compressor did not have to be near the water or even next to a Metering and Regulating station.

The compressor does not have to be at this dangerous coastal location as Enbridge’s claims are false. The state can reject the compressor siting using this law.

310 CMR 7.00 –  AIR POLLUTION means the presence in the ambient air space of one or more air contaminants or combinations thereof in such concentrations and of such duration as to:

(a) cause a nuisance;

(b) be injurious, or be on the basis of current information, potentially injurious to human or animal life, to vegetation, or to property; or

(c) unreasonably interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property or the conduct of business.

The state can reject the compressor using this law as the gas compressor will do all of the above.

2) Halt the current alteration of the site at 50 Bridge St as the soil and vegetation are toxic. 

50 Bridge St site should have been a superfund years ago. The health risks to site workers and surrounding citizens from the disruption of this soil are unacceptable. The substrate that Enbridge plans to dig into for the compressor is toxic by every standard, and includes unknown quantities of diesel fuel leached from an 11 million gallon tank. Any alteration or clearing of the land should be investigated by Department of Public Health. Why are they clearing parts of the land? Where has the cleared vegetation gone? Did the workers know what toxins they were working with?

The current draft Remediation Abatement Measure from Enbridge via TRC calls for the disturbance and removal of 15K tons of toxic soil, thus allowing arsenic to the air and the waters of the Fore River. The soil is made of almost 100% coal ash, clinkers, burner bricks, and other industrial waste from decades of use. Any plan that Enbridge proposes must be audited before being finalized.

3) Find truly independent sources to conduct the public safety and climate resilience studies promised in in Gov Baker’s July 14th 2017 letter to Mayor Hedlund before any pre-construction or construction starts on the site, and any further permits are issued.

4) Order DEP and DPH to retract the incomplete and incorrect Health Impact Assessment and complete a new, peer reviewed HIA with recommendations for environmental clean up of the Basin. 


Directed to Governor Baker in the following comments:

Not sure if you remember how many of your constituents oppose this project? Do you remember how many elected officials at all levels of Massachusetts government, how many Boards of Health, how many first responders and emergency managers, how many health professionals oppose this project?

Not sure if you saw the large Sunrise Movement banner unfurled in the State House on Global Climate Strike Day (last Friday)? It said: No Weymouth Compressor. No Weymouth Compressor was also on their list of demands addressed to your administration. I hope you saw that.

Not sure if you heard the chants outside and inside the State House on Global Climate Strike Day?

“Gov Baker, do your job” 

“No compressor, no way”

“Where is Charlie?”

I make you this promise: Those of us fighting this precedent-setting gas project are not going away. We’ll continue to fight you and your state agencies to protect our homes, our families and our health.

What would you do to protect your home, family, and health? We know what we’d do.

Those opposing the compressor aren’t going anywhere, in fact you will see more of us than ever.

It took almost 5 years, but Weymouth has never been more supported and the movement is expanding each week. You thought I was “brutal”? Just wait to see what thousands of MA residents have in store for you, Governor Baker.

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