Day #196

Well. Some stuff has gone down, and I am afraid I forgot in the rush of things.

TRC, the untrustworthy environmental company former EEA Secretary Beaton went to work for, released a draft Release Abatement Measure Plan (RAM) Sept. 11th that has 1086 pages. So much fun to cram through that volume of soil contamination info. Good thing I didn’t have to, but FRRACS had to… so messed up. They set a Public Involvement Program (PIP) meeting for Sept 25 because of COURSE humans can plow through extremely technical thousands of pages in 14 days. FFS!

Luckily Margaret B. of FRRACS got the meeting moved to Oct 10th at 7pm, in Weymouth at Abigail Adams Middle School.

FRRACS sent out an action to shower Baker, EEA Secretary Theoharides and DEP Commissioner Suuberg to ask a version of the following questions:

Sept. 17th 2019

Dear Gov Baker:

You may know that last Tuesday we received the draft Release Abatement Measure Plan from TRC, Enbridge’s environmental engineers. This draft Plan is the proposal for the clean up of contamination on the proposed compressor site. 

On page 27 of the draft Release Abatement Measure Plan from TRC was found this statement:

8.15 Implementation Schedule The anticipated schedule for the commencement of construction activities is November 1, 2019, with a September 1, 2020 in-service date.

How does Enbridge plan to undertake construction by Nov 1st on a contaminated site:

  1. Without having full state permitting
  2. Without fulfilling first the public comment period that currently ends on October 15th with the answers to those comments due on November 15th?
  3. Without the final Release Abatement Measure Plan?
  4. Without your promised public safety and risk evaluation reports as well as the coastal resiliency report?

When will we get answers to those questions?

Andrea Honore

Post Script: we haven’t gotten any answers to any of our questions.

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