Days 181-192

Whoa. That’s a lot of days all together. And tucked in there was day 100 (in 2019). As you can see, soon it will be 200 lunch breaks since Feb 28, 2017. It makes me sad.

I have pictures of my feet, pics of the rare stuff I brought in to constituent services… I just can’t be arsed to get it off of my phone right now. I’m sorry. It’s all pretty mundane stuff, the gist of which can be summed up in this tweet:

CZM (whom I have NO hope of saving us with a negative determination), extended its stay recently. It was August 5th, then September 5th, now it’s October 5th. My thoughts on which can be summed up thusly:

Meanwhile, Gov Baker goes to the opening of this and that, here and there while the hard work of likely hundreds of people on the new Fore River Bridge goes unrecognized because Baker is too chicken to face us here in the Basin. This is from today:

Maybe I shouldn’t write blog posts when my head hurts a bit. Not very cheery this evening. Baker has succeeded in his quest to avoid Weymouth, avoid constituents, avoid me for YEARS. Ask yourself what kind of person does that?

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