Days 173-180

In case you missed it, I’ve been consolidating my days because it’s easier on my home/family life in the evenings.

These days cover the end of July and middle of August. Many days I don’t bring anything with me, some days I do.

Here’s the drawback of consolidating: remembering what I did bring when I brought stuff, LOL. I don’t think anyone cares as much as I do about what I brought, LOL, and that’s OK.


Due to a new round of intern staffing, etc., Gov’s constituent services had spotty knowledge, if any, about the compressor, so I printed out some great media pieces from this year to help fill in the gaps.

I had some company from Mass Power Forward August 1 & 2! MPF was there Aug 1, 2, 5 but I was off on Aug 5th. There were some great signs and tons of support in the fight against the compressor/Gov Baker.

I was able to speak August 1 & 2, and I did a version of the blog posts I wrote recently for Blue Mass Group:

Why should anyone outside of the Fore River Basin care about the compressor getting built?

What happens, though, if one day, some big, for-profit corporation wanted to build dangerous infrastructure in your neighborhood? Wouldn’t you think that existing state laws, regulations, and common sense would surely prevent such a thing from being built?

If your community faces a dangerous infrastructure project, you will be out of luck for the next 3.5 years. If the compressor is permitted to be built in Weymouth, the same or similar injustice will happen to you under the Baker administration.

At almost every stage of the compressor permit & siting review process there has been a complete disregard for the valid and fact-based concerns of the residents and officials.

During the review process, state laws have been broken and/or ignored, ethics have been breached, air test results paid for with tax dollars were hidden from the public. All of these infractions have gone unpunished and unacknowledged by Gov. Baker.

Any normally strong arguments like:

  • “But it’s protected conservation land”
  • “There is massive political pressure against this project”
  • “Residents are entitled to due process”
  • “There are laws and regulations against this!”
  • “The local emergency planning councils say this is a massive public safety concern”
  • “Important state infrastructure would be decimated in the event of an explosion!”

Are useless against this administration

The project you may end up fighting may not be a gas-related project. It may be something else you care very much about keeping away from your family and friends. I wish you well in your fight, because Governor Baker has made it very easy for corporations to do whatever they want in Massachusetts.

What are you supposed to do when the Governor, who swore to uphold MA’s laws, will NOT uphold them?

Well, As Baker would say: See you in court.

Since the end of June (and DEP’s go ahead for the air permit plan), I have taken many steps to try to get Senator Warren’s attention back to the Fore River Basin. Senators Warren and Markey did what they could to try to raise important questions w/ FERC and PHMSA a couple of years ago.  I’m not ungrateful in the least for Warren and Markey’s past involvement with the compressor issue, but we are at a dangerous tipping point right now.

With the issuance of the air permit, and likely other permits ready to roll by early August, I don’t have time to participate in polite and repetitive requests.

Despite demands to stop the project from Municipal, State and Federal elected officials, our Governor has been steadfast in his dedication to Canadian-owned Enbridge. Gov. Baker is no longer embarrassed or pushed to action by local political, activist or press pressure. Our story needs national attention, and I believe Senator Warren can use her current position as Presidential candidate to shine a big light on our plight.

So I’m making a public plea to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN:


Weymouth is in the fight of its life, with national implications if this precedent-setting compressor is allowed to be built. It’s not just Weymouth or the Fore River Basin that would be affected in New England: Residents of New Hampshire and Maine will face increased danger from highly pressurized gas that would run through a Weymouth compressor and an old pipeline not built for the increased pressure, as well as two compressors in New Hampshire and five compressors in Maine.

Residents of the Marcellus shale area of PA will also be further burdened with increased fracking. We need Senator Warren’s voice against this terrible project, on the national level. Weymouth’s fight is a microcosm of what’s going on nationally regarding fossil fuel companies shoving projects down people’s throats. Don’t let Jay Inslee show you up, Senator Warren! Speak out!

That last one got a wee bit of traction in State House News:

Which netted some overdue communication from Warren’s office. Oh yeah. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, I made a promise to Gov. Baker:

I mean every word on that post-it.

Gov. Baker, it’s not too late to do the lawful thing. And you still owe us 2 studies that you promised in 2017 that would be done BEFORE any permits were issued. Where are they? HEre’s Alice Arena of FRRACS reading your 2017 letter at the Aug 1st rally outside your office:

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