Days 169 to 172

July 18, 19, 22, 24

A really deus ex machina kind of thing happened over the weekend while we were all frying in the heat/humidity:

Enbridge missed a deadline.

While I’m SO GLAD they missed this deadline, I have to ask myself why they missed it given that they feel the compressor is a slam dunk. In fact they say the tests on the soil at the site shouldn’t matter at all.

Weymouth was the closest it had ever been to having Enbridge shovels in the ground before this missed deadline happened. Like, scarily close. Now, there is NO CHANCE of shovels in the ground for the remainder of the year!

We are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, but we can breathe again.

Been a rough month.

I have spent 8 days in Gov Baker’s waiting room since Day 160/78, which puts me at 168/86 today. I’ve been trying to keep up on things related to my action, but I am getting fatigued and frustrated with all of this absolute BS coming out of Baker’s administration.

I wrote this post on Blue Mass Group’s blog, because what happens in Weymouth won’t only stay in Weymouth. It can and will happen to you.

I walked to 29 Senate offices to thank each office personally for signing a letter to DEP commissioner Suuberg asking for the air permit to be denied. (sample of notes, below).

I found out about the air permit approval while I was walking the offices. I was not surprised but it’s still a gut punch to realize how horrible your governor is. This is the Senate letter, signed by 29 of 40 Senators. It was a tight deadline, they would have likely had almost all of the Senators signatures. WHEN HAVE YOU EVER SEEN anything like this? FFS! Huge thank you to Sen O’Connor for organizing this amazing show of support.

On another note- I altered a version of the This Is Fine dog viral comic to suit my needs when the air permit was granted by Suuberg July 12th.

I did another one, but someone else placed the heads. SO good.

OK, so, yeah, I drowned my sorrows in memes, with a little help from friends.

I wrote another blog post on Blue Mass Group because I am at my wit’s end with this whole crock of shite. We need help. We need national coverage.

And we need MONEY.

Today, Day 168/86 is July 17th. Two years ago was my last day sitting in the Gov’s office (so I thought) as he had issued his letter calling for assessments and studies. SMH. I wrote a letter today.

July 17, 2019

Dear Governor Baker-

Happy anniversary.

It was 2 years ago today that I ended my first sit-in at your office. You had issued a letter asking for three studies: health impact assessment (HIA), public safety, and coastal resiliency. We were all cautiously optimistic that the scopes of these studies would illustrate the truth of the dangers inherent with this project.


All we received was an underfunded HIA that used Enbridge’s unverified data as a basis and incomplete air toxins data from abbreviated testing. Oh, and we got an air permit shoved on us.

I see how this is going to go. You said as much in your last Ask The Governor segment: residents of the Fore River Basin will have to look to the courts for any relief. Are you that much of a coward that you would rather break your oath as Governor than anger your donors?

You took an oath of office that stated:
I,_______________________, do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will support the Constitution thereof. So help me, God.

Article 97 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts states:T
he people shall have the right to clean air and water, freedom from excessive and unnecessary noise, and the natural, scenic, historic, and esthetic qualities of their environment; and the protection of the people in their right to the conservation, development and utilization of the agricultural, mineral, forest, water, air and other natural resources is hereby declared to be a public purpose.

It appears the answer is “yes.”

When I started sitting in your waiting room a second time, Jan 14th of this year, my ask was that you deny all permits. Since that won’t happen, I am at a turning point as to what to do with my sit-in action.

What do you a do with a Governor that doesn’t follow the laws he was elected to uphold? What do you do with a Governor that plays at being a climate leader but is really an cowardly climate loser?

You remind him that he is a cowardly climate loser every day you can by continuing to sit-in his office on principle. I hate to talk like this— name calling—but your actions dictate how I see you, Gov. Baker. You can do better. We expect you to do better. DO BETTER.

  • Andrea Honoré