Day #115 (late)

March 13th

I brought in an amazing (and at many points, depressing) document prepared by Weymouth Mayor Hedlund’s administration that outlines the steps taken to fight the compressor project since Hedlund has been in office. My annotated PDF below:

One of the things I highlighted in the PDF was EEA Sec Beaton‘s refusal to evaluate all of the segmented gas projects proposed for MA for their potential environmental impact. Almost 3 years ago (March 15, 2016) Mayor Hedlund asked Sec. Beaton for a MEPA review:

Mayor Hedlund again wrote to Sec Beaton on May 31, 2016 as no answer had been forthcoming:

Sec Beaton finally answered June 8, 2016, by publishing the Mayor’s request so that there can be public comment on it.

After over 100 comments via email, phone, carrier pigeon, Sec Beaton refused the review! FRRACS has the letter at this link.

I ask you, is this refusal the actions of an administration that cares about actual environmental protection and monitoring?

Mayor Hedlund’s response to Sec Beaton’s refusal:

I’m still not over this, and I did bring this subject up in the Feb 19th meeting with Sec. Beaton when we were talking about the large likelihood that Access Northeast would come back to life if the compressor is built. Sec. Beaton responded that “we only look at the projects in front of us, not what *might* happen”. I said you had the opportunity to respond when Mayor Hedlund asked for a MEPA review in 2016, and you refused.

I want to end this post on a nice note, since I’m all irritated now, LOL.

THANK YOU to Mayors Kay and Hedlund, and their administrations for fighting like crazy against this terrible project.

Thank you to Miyares and Harrington, Weymouth’s outside counsel for these 4 years.

Thank you to Joseph Callanan, Weymouth’s Solicitor.

FRRACS, Carolyn Elefant, and Mike and Lori Hayden also have my deepest appreciation. My gosh.

And thank you to the steadfast elected officials who know what’s right, two of which joined me yesterday! Rep Meschino and Rep Hawkins. Neither of these two represent Weymouth, but they know the dangers and they know the severity of the risks. Thank you!!


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