Day #96 (late)

This week started off with a bang, courtesy of a much-appreciated WGBH story about my efforts to bring attention to Gov. Baker’s responsibilities to protect all MA citizens. Whoa. Excellent, and 97% accurate coverage of the story, and that’s my fault. Weymouth, the South Shore and myself are very grateful for the light being shed on this issue.

The piece aired twice on Morning Edition and once during All Things Considered this past Monday. I cannot thank WGBH enough!

Picture by Mike Deehan of WGBH

What’s the 3% of the story that’s not accurate? Let’s go with the correction first:

Correction: The original version of this story stated that the compressor project in Weymouth would help speed natural gas to local customers, implying residential use. The gas brought through Weymouth would be distributed to regional, national and international power generators.

This correction is a good simplification of a complex issue. Based on Enbridge’s numbers

around 50% of the gas is for export.

More on this from someone who has done the math on this for a DC-level court case: Karina W of Food and Water Watch New England

We contend that at least 52% is going to Canada. FERC allowed that 46% is, in filings with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

ALL of the remaining gas is for electricity generation, not heading directly to consumers. MA and CT will have to share about 19% of the gas, per the proponent’s documentation. Not a huge cost savings for anyone, in fact, it might cost us more. Just ask Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD). On Day #44, I explained why.

As one of the Judges in the DC Circuit Court said regarding the amount of gas to be exported: what’s the benefit for the US?


Deep sigh.

I brought with me two pieces of paper with contradictory messages. One was a story about Gov. Baker’s “hands were tied” comment regarding the compressor air permit. One was a page from the Final HIA PDF. See for yourself:

Page 110 of the HIA Final Report:

The review was conducted in an expedited fashion so cannot be considered a systematic or comprehensive review although significant efforts were made to collect the most up to date information and science. 

cannot be considered a systematic or comprehensive review

cannot be considered a systematic or comprehensive review

cannot be considered a systematic or comprehensive review

I. Just. Cannot. Even.


Something else big happened yesterday! I got a Facebook message from a lovely person from Sue O’Connell’s staff asking if I wanted to talk about my experience waiting for Gov. Baker on live TV on The Take. My head said yes and my anxiety said no. I said yes. The only reason I didn’t pass out from anxiety before I went on was Sue and her fantastic staff. Calm, caring, and even nurturing. Massive gratitude to The Take for their interest in covering this story (they saw it on WGBH!!).

So, I can be silly, but I’m deathly serious about fighting this compressor. And, let me tell you, I am so glad I didn’t dress like a slob yesterday. And, no, I didn’t know I would coordinate so well with the set.

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