Day off

I have a work from home day today, so I won’t be at the Governor’s office. I’ll be back tomorrow! NOTE: I will be WFH Feb 4th and 8th as well. Good times for Gov. Baker to do cartwheels in his waiting room.

Last Thursday night, Rep. Lynch called a Come To Baker meeting with Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree Mayors, Sec Beaton, Lynch, and assorted other folks, not the least being Weymouth’s Town Solicitor Callanan and Gov Baker Himself. I would have liked to be in that room, but likely would have been ejected, LOL. Hopefully, there will be some kind of statement or comments coming soon from Weymouth Mayor Hedlund about what they talked about.

Following up, I assume, is this Lynch lunch that happened yesterday, after the State of Quincy event. This show of solidarity is really great, and I hope we can ALL do a lot to kill this frigging compressor.

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