Day #91

Busy day, lots of stuff going on.

First let’s start with my visitor for today: State Senator Patrick O’Connor (R). He has been supportive of me from the beginning, as he knows the compressor fight inside and out. He was on Weymouth’s Town Council when this project was first proposed. In the words of FRRACS:

Thank you, Sen. O’Connor, for supporting Andrea and for your continued support of FRRACS and the entire district in our fight against this toxic and unnecessary compressor!

And also, thank you, Sen. O’Connor, for this:
Bill SD.392
SECTION 1. Chapter 111 of the General Laws as so appearing, is hereby amended by adding the following new section:-
Section 142P. There shall be at least one Air Monitoring Station within a one-mile radius of any working natural gas compressor station to collect data and verify compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Construction and maintenance of Air Monitoring Stations shall be funded through the building permit paid for by the operating energy corporation to the state Department of Environmental Protection. Personnel shall be staffed through the state Department of Environmental Protection to collect data on a weekly basis, varying between morning and evening collection times.

Ever Since Sen. O’Connor was elected to his seat, he’s been trying to get this Bill passed. The Senate loves this Bill, but the House does not. You can call Rep. DeLeo’s office to let him know you expect him to pass this Bill.
Phone is 617-722-2500. You can email here:

Sen. O’Connor also brought me cookies, which I was happy to accept as I hadn’t had a chance to eat lunch yet!

It’s my goal to ask all of the people who sent Gov. Baker letters before the air permit decision due date to sit with me.

Did you hear about the gas outage in Rhode Island that occurred Monday? I brought articles with me to give to the Gov’s office. These two stories are a very good rundown of the Curious Case of Unattended Enbridge Valves and the continuing saga of Gas Can Kill You in So Many Ways. 

National Grid seems to be the only entity actually concerned with finding out what happened. Enbridge doesn’t, and Gov. Baker is curiously quiet.

FRRACS has an action we can take to help Gov. Baker to wake up, and their explanation is the most efficient:

Another week, another two gas pipeline related incidents on Enbridge lines: an explosion in Ohio and a pressure drop in Rhode Island caused by a valve in Weymouth, leaving thousands without heat for days. 

We are thankful that no human life was taken in Ohio, but one person was badly burned and livestock was lost in the fires near the site of the explosion.  We are equally grateful that National Grid was paying attention and caught the severe pressure drop.  This drop, much like the over pressurization in Lawrence, could have caused explosions at residences and businesses in Newport. As it is, it is leaving 10,000 residences and businesses without gas. 

Can you call Governor Baker today at 617-725-4005 and ask him about the valve in Weymouth that caused RI to lose gas?

Governor Baker is sending MEMA workers to Rhode Island to assist.  That’s very nice of him, but apparently his kindness does not extend to the residents of the Basin and the South Shore as he has condemned us to poor health and the threat of explosion in our neighborhood.  And we can see how well Enbridge maintains its valves.  This is the second time in two years that a valve failed in Weymouth during cold weather.  This does not instill confidence.

Enbridge is the company Gov. Baker wants to give the compressor to.

Enbridge is the company with one of the worst safety/accident records. And Enbridge wants to hook up the compressor to this faulty metering station at the foot of the 244 million dollar Fore River Bridge. Given the series of awful events in the Merrimack Valley, why isn’t Gov. Baker all up in Enbridge’s grill regarding this Weymouth valve situation?

How many more gas disasters does Baker want to sign us up for?

Gov. Baker wants to sign us up for SO MANY, for easily my lifetime and yours. Instead of addressing the gas leaks and weaknesses in MA’s aging system—we pay for the gas that floats out into the atmosphere, you know—Baker would like to make Mass a throughway for natural gas export.

Instead of really and truly walking the talk on making Mass a climate leader, for reasons known only to him, he wants to saddle us with gas.

I’ll end with this note: I was interviewed for a story on Day 91. Hopefully it will be out next week.

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