Day #89

Y’all, I made this compressor map a couple years ago. It’s goofy, but it serves the purpose: helping folks picture where Enbridge wants to build the compressor.  The map has been viewed 36,570 times! Minus the hundreds of times I’ve viewed it myself, 36,570 is A LOT of views.

I’m in the process of gathering Access Northeast (ANE) project maps/data to add to this google map. And then I realized I don’t have the kind of map skills needed to piece this purposely obtuse pile of ANE route evidence together coherently. You can check out the marketing presentation for ANE at the link below, there are some maps there, but not detailed where I want them to be. I have some comments on the presentation in the images below this PDF link. I brought this presentation in to the Gov’s office.

But wait—isn’t ANE a “dead” project?

Didn’t ANE lose funding when the Baker-supported, DPU initiated (illegal) “pipeline tax” was struck down in 2016 by the MaSJC? Yes! But projects like this NEVER stay dead, especially when Enbridge is SO CLOSE to getting the lynchpin in ALL of their plans built: the Weymouth compressor. There are billions of dollars to be made by making MA a gas highway to Canada for export. People pay more for gas out of the US, ya know.

Either Enbridge will figure a way out to charge gas ratepayers for part of ANE, split the cost more with utilities OR (gasp) they might even pay for the whole thing themselves. Either way, ANE will be a reality if the Weymouth compressor gets built, and Gov Baker knows that.

Above is an ANE map from the presentation. “Take Up & Relay” means the existing smaller pipeline would be taken out & a larger pipeline would be put it (allowing more gas to move & at a higher pressure). Looping means they’ll build an additional pipe parallel to an existing pipe.

But, why?

The gas pipeline section with a looping has a lower flow rate of the product being conveyed via the main gas pipeline, which leads to the reduction of the total gas pressure loss for flow resistance overcoming. Mechanical engineering diversions 🤷‍♀️ No matter, looping means more new pipelines.

Notice way up at the top right of the map above, where is says Weymouth C/S Add Horsepower. You know what that means? ANOTHER frigging compressor building on the tiny site to amp up the horsepower of the one they want to build as part of the Atlantic Bridge (AB) series of projects that ran from NY to CT to Weymouth.

The completion of AB would allow for the reversal of gas from North (Canada) to south, to South (being the Marcellus Shale) to North (Canada). The gas currently coming south from Canada is drying up. Last year it was only running at half capacity or well below, even during polar vortex periods.

Why reverse gas to go North?
$$$$, people, $$$$.

Canada is getting more than 1/2 the gas that’ll flow through the AB compressor, as brought up in the FERC hearing before the DC circuit court. New England will have to split what’s left. Not a huge cost saving for people.

Why build more pipelines and gas infrastructure if the proposed AB compressor in Weymouth can reverse the flow all by itself, if built? Having TWO compressors in Weymouth will allow for so much more gas to be pumped North. So. Much. Gas.

Knowing that AB & ANE will be set-up & pumping, the drilling will ramp up in the PA Marcellus Shale area, further releasing methane into the air, & horrible chemicals into their aquifer. As promised by Trump, the US’ll become the #1 gas exporter to Europe, getting countries like Poland/Germany off of Russian gas.

{takes breath}

So, you see? It’s NOT just about Weymouth.

It’s about a whole North East region getting (further) destroyed for gas co’s increased profits, AND with our enabling Federal government that’ll pave the way. Just like Charlie Baker is paving the way for Enbridge here in Massachusetts.

Which is why Representative Hawkins of Attleboro asked to join me as he was scheduled to be in the State House today. Rep. Hawkins knows that should the Weymouth compressor go in, Access Northeast will not be far behind, and with it a huge compressor in Rehoboth, near the Attleboro line. He came out to the Jan. 12th No Compressor Rally as well.

He is 100% behind the Weymouth fight and will do anything we need to help. SO GRATEFUL. I asked “where is the Rehoboth rep”? Duh, he’s cozy with Enbridge lobbyists, as reporter Itai Vardi found out last year. 

Rehoboth has a great “no compressor” website you should check out. Too bad their Rep is captured.

Guess who else stopped by?

Rep Meschino! I am so grateful for her support and for the support of ALL our South Shore Reps and Senators. Rep Meschino has done a lot of things out of the spotlight to help Weymouth’s fight because she also knows how dangerous this proposal is for her district and Massachusetts.

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