Hey, everybody!

I’ve been on a mental vacation since the last day I sat in the Gov’s office. It was completely necessary… I’m back on the blog for a nice update about the status of the compressor proposal.

Coastal Zone Management (CZM) was due to lift a 1-year stay that began last August (2016), and instead of lifting the stay, they have extended it 6 months! As you can see from the letter below, the new stay is fully and completely justified especially since neither the MassDEP Wetlands nor the Waterways permits are in any way ready to be issued. CZM cannot rule until MassDEP does.20620791_660107777515156_2966627750571253065_n20525570_660107770848490_7101119250414041113_n20525847_660107784181822_2534140661482362687_n20597303_660107780848489_7911981274997542387_n

PS: “High Consequence Area” means you are ashes if the thing explodes.