Day #80

Quick bit, more on day 80 later: I’m celebrating day 80 by going to the dentist 😂

I will be “out of the office” tomorrow (Thursday).

Day 80 was quiet. I brought a #flashback #throwback letter with me from the Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB), which was the catalyst for my Baker-sitting. All of would not have happened had Gov. Baker listened to thousands (not kidding) of his constituents and been on top of this ill-conceived compressor proposal from the get-go.

All he had to do (in my opinion) was have his EFSB request a rehearing from FERC regarding the conditional permit. EFSB is an intervenor in this project, and had all rights and reasons to “intervene”. But, nope, it didn’t happen, and here we are.



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