Day #79

Mothers Out Front is joining me today at the State House! If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please feel free to join us. Information on the action is here:

Mothers Out Front Action at the State House!

Today, July 11 at NOON

What: Mothers Stand With Andrea. Andrea Honore is mom from Weymouth who has been waiting for over 70 days to talk to Governor Baker about the proposed compressor station in her community.. So far, he has ignored her.  Tuesday, July 11, Mothers Out Front will bring 50 moms to line the halls in front of Baker’s office.

When: Tuesday, July 11,  12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

  • 12:00 pm: Mothers Out Front will meet with mothers from the Fore River Basin in front of the Statehouse, to listen to speakers and to mother’s stories.
  • We will proceed to 3rd floor hall in front of the Governor’s office. We’ll stand along the hall, with a message from mothers to the governor about the compressor station.
  • 2:00pm – After the action we invite you to make short videos urging Governor Baker to take action.

Who: Mothers Out Front across Massachusetts, plus friends and allies who want to support the voice of mothers. Invite a friend! Fathers, uncles, sons and grandfathers are welcome!

I will be able to link to some pictures and video later today and/or tomorrow.


I cannot write much more right now, but I wanted to say it was an incredible success! 106 people came to stand silently, lining the hallways right outside the Governor’s office.

Absolutely fantastic!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.59.39 PM.png

As an aside, the press page has gone bonkers (well, to me it has)… more stories coming.

I’m still processing what happened yesterday. It was so lovely in so many ways. From the exquisite organization and execution from Mothers Out Front – Mobilizing for a Livable Climate, to the people that showed up from all over eastern Massachusetts, especially our neighbors in Hingham, and the original gangsters in this fight, Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station. 106 people came to stand with me and to stand up for Weymouth. (that’s all of us lining up to go in!)


The security guards complimented us on our excellent decorum, and the State Trooper never batted an eyelash at us. That’s pretty darned good considering how many people we had in that hallway! The picture below is from a Hingham resident… that bright light at the end of the corridor is the Governor’s waiting room.


There is a wonderful video shot by MOF here… I managed to not be at my post so I didn’t make the video, typical me. I was trying to get my own video, unsuccessfully. I ran out of memory… I need to leave it to the pros.

A nice summary from Becky Haugh – Weymouth District 1 Town Councilor:
This has been a very energized week for the fight against the proposed Weymouth compressor station. Andrea Honore of FAE – Families Against Enbridge has gotten a lot of press for her #SitwithAndrea movement. Today, over 100 people from FRRACS, Mothers Out Front – Mobilizing for a Livable Climate, Hingham Against the Compressor Station and other groups joined Andrea on Day 79 of her sit-in.

There have been multiple news stories about our grassroots efforts – which have been on-going for 2 1/2 years. From flyer drops, lawn sign campaigns, local weekly protests, lobbying politicians, multiple meetings and public hearings, written comments to a dozen agencies, Statehouse trips, Andrea’s daily protest, people’s engagement on social media – and the list goes on – so many people have devoted a lot of time, energy and personal money fighting for what we know is right.

We hope Governor Baker can acknowledge our concern and fight. We hope he is willing to join every elected official who represents North Weymouth and beyond to recognize why siting a compressor station in Weymouth is a very poor decision and not in the best interest of the residents here directly impacted nor the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I would also add:
I hope that Governor Baker will acknowledge that his inaction in all of this has caused a MA town–that can least afford to spend money on non-town services–to spend half a million dollars fighting this crappy proposal.


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