Day #78 (late)

Lively day today! The State House News Service picked up on the Ask the Governor call from last Thursday. SHNS is not letting any part of this story slide. There have been 3 mentions of this action in 3 days.

First, a little pretty State House scenery (and my feet, LOL)


I brought an opinion article with me from CommonWealth Magazine called The invisible hand of Gordon van Welie. If you don’t know who that is, you can join the club. I’m just becoming familiar with who he is, and what exactly ISO-NE stands for.

ISO is Independent System Operator for all of New England, which is “in charge of keeping the lights on throughout the region, coordinating the flow of electricity to power plants.” Mr. van Welie is the CEO of ISO. As you can see in the article, for whatever reason, Mr. van Welie wants New England to “overbuild” gas pipelines.

Not so fast.

As mentioned in Day 65, ISO-NE can absolutely avoid the gas infrastructure by starting to modernize the grid. As the article puts it:
Committing to gas under the auspices of maintaining reliability in the near term will result in sunk costs and stranded assets in the long term. Surely the dollars spent to build out such infrastructure and the time devoted to promoting more gas as a solution could be better spent adequately planning for more, cheaper efficiency, clean renewables and necessary infrastructure, and building a smarter grid.

The closure last month of Massachusetts’ lone remaining coal plant is an opportunity to think innovatively and plan for a future powered by clean resources rather than one tethered to the past.

It’s time for van Welie’s perspective to evolve with the times.




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