Day #76

Sooooo, a funny thing happened before I made my way to Baker-sit.

I got live on the radio with Governor Baker. I finally got to talk to him! So did Rose W. of Cummington, MA:

— Rose’s question at 1:25:10 (thanks for the transcript, R!)
Thank you Gov. Baker for pledging to join the Climate Alliance.
Does that mean you’ll change your hands-off approach in opposing fossil fuel development like the Weymouth Compressor station, pipelines and LNG in the state?

Baker’s answer (with my notes)
60% of our current energy sources are natural gas, it would be pretty hard for us to walk away from that anytime soon. (No one is asking MA to walk away from current energy sources, just keep new, unneeded infrastructure out) And as we all know, the presence of natural gas has taken a ton of oil and coal out of our energy sector, which has been a good thing for a greenhouse gas point of view. (leaking methane and unburned gas released by gas infrastructure is worse than coal)

With respect to the compressor, I would just say the following. As I said before it’s a federal issue, but we do have a role to play here because we implement certain federal standards here (Misdirecting or does not have a good grasp on the process? MA’s role is to stringently review the STATE environmental applications. So far, that’s not happening). And we got a lot of really positive input from folks, Secretary Beaton and his team, during the public hearing process (Eh? From whom, for what? What public hearing process?). And we will hold those folks (Enbridge/Algonquin? I’m so confused, and I think he is too) to the highest standard possible under the federal law – you can count on that – with respect to both public safety, public health and any other issues associated with that.” (We want you to hold “those folks”, Enbridge/Algonquin, to the highest STATE standard. And you’re not so far)

Rose also wrote a rebuttal here.

— My question at 1:40:14
Jim: Andrea from Weymouth, you’re on Boston Public Radio with the Governor of the Commonwealth

Andrea: Hi everybody, thanks for having me on. Hi Governor Baker, it’s Andrea from your waiting room. Since I can’t talk to you in person, um,  at the State House, I would just like to speak to you over the radio and invite you to come down and have site visit at the proposed Weymouth compressor station location at 6 Bridge Street in Weymouth. We would love to have you!

Baker: I’ll talk to the scheduling people about it, Andrea. (I will hold you to that, Gov. B. Also, you pretty much just admitting you haven’t been to the site) I hope you’re being well taken care of in the office? (I would think casual listeners would wonder what he means by that comment. Jim, Margery, Baker and I know, though what he means. While Baker has been avoiding me for 76 days, his crack staff have been filling the gaps as best they can.)

Andrea: I am. Joyce and Victoria and the Constituent Services on down to, er, up to the Troopers have been incredibly nice to me, and welcoming and we have a great time, actually. (This is 100% truth) I would very much like to speak with you, though. (ALSO 100% truth)

Jim: Why isn’t the meeting happening, Governor? (Jim, Margery, Baker and I know what meeting Jim is referring to, heh)

Baker: I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah, you know we get… I don’t know. (I know why I haven’t met with you.)

Jim: Andrea, thank you for the call. (No. Thank YOU!)

Margery: We get emails all the time about that same issue. (Margery, I don’t know you, but you’re a GEM. Also gems? The people who have advocated on my behalf to Boston Public Radio <3)


Today, the indefatigable Carolyn B. joined me on the couch. Thank you!



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