Day #74

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.09.10 PM.png

Today marks the last day of Action Week, and boy are my actions tired! Definitely need a little break over this long weekend. Today seven people joined me in the hallway (no signs in the waiting room). It was great meeting new people this week, and some of them had never been to the State House before. I was honored to give them the opportunity!


I brought a note today as I just couldn’t resist.


I printed my blog post about the Access Northeast project being withdrawn, a meme I made from a Zoolander still, and an article I saw today with a particular quote that made me L O L on the train this morning.

Here’s one last visual (made by FRRACS) to help everyone understand what happened yesterday, as it pertains to Weymouth:


Have a great weekend everyone!


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