Day #73

I have to start this post with some humor:


Many states’ DEPs, and DECs have been rejecting energy companies’ applications lately due to incompleteness. Imagine that?! Who in MA has an incomplete application submitted right now? Bingo.

Officials and Governors in other states have been doing their best to stand up to energy companies, even when it’s not what’s traditionally done in that state’s history, like this statement from Molly Ward, Virginia’s secretary of natural resources:

“Attempts by Dominion Energy to sway regulators in the Atlantic Coast Pipeline permitting process prompted a top official under Gov. Terry McAuliffe to notify the utility that state agencies would not heed those efforts.

An April 19 letter from Molly Ward, Virginia’s secretary of natural resources, advised Dominion that state agencies involved in permitting for the proposed 600-mile line “will not base their decisions on requests or suggestions from an applicant.”

Is this mindset hard at work in Virginia? Ehhhh, not so much. Points for trying? 😛

Closer to home, Rhode Island’s Governor has just made a statement regarding the (rightly) controversial proposed Burrillville Invenergy power plant. This statement takes responsibility and models leadership. Her administration (especially her citing board), as well as her constituents, now know where she stands.

When asked for her reaction to statements by environmentalists that her stance on the Paris Accord — and the proposed Burrillville Invenergy power plant — are in conflict, Raimondo said she “regretted putting her thumb on the scale” when she appeared to support the Invenergy deal at its announcement.  

“I’m proud of my record on all that we’ve done to move Rhode Island further towards renewables and energy efficiency and jobs,” said Raimondo. “We’ve done so much with the wind farm and extending the renewable energy standards to community solar.”

“In Burrillville, we have to believe in the process. It’s out of my hands, it’s before citing board, that’s independent of me,” said Raimondo. “They need to take into account water safety, climate change — if they feel that the environmental concerns can’t be mitigated or outweigh the energy costs, that’s [their decision].

“In retrospect, if [going to the press conference announcing Invenergy coming to Rhode Island] created the impression that I was putting a thumb on the scale — then I regret that,” said Raimondo. “I am always anxious for folks to come here, companies to come here and invest here — I am so focused on that, now more than ever. I can’t peddle fast enough.”

So, on to the action: Today was busy! I’m so new to all of this, and changing my routine by adding people is really taxing my introvert side, LOL. Funny thing is, it’s kind of knocking the staff for a loop as well, I think. Change is hard. One of the Governor’s staff said he was used to me being by myself. I feel ya, Mark, but Weymouth needs some action. I promise we’ll be model guests.

Since we cannot have signs in the waiting room, Sharon from Weymouth had a great idea: people with “no compressor” tee shirts sat in the office…


… and those of us without “no compressor” tee shirts stood outside the room with signs (for the most part)



People from Weymouth, West Roxbury, Millis, Cambridge, Brookline, Mendon and Norfolk were there, about 20 people in all (4 of which were kids!). THANK YOU ALL!!

What do all of us want? What can Gov. Baker do?

1. Visit the site! Talk to residents who have been waiting 2.5 years
2. Make a public statement about the compressor
3. Privately signal to his Energy and Environmental Affairs agencies that they need to be very stringent in following their permitting policies and procedures. Spectra’s Ch. 91 wetlands application is deficient in NINE ways!

Call him: 617-725-4005


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