Day #72

It turned out that 9 people came today! I’m so grateful for everyone who takes time out of their day to be with me for this very important cause. The people of Weymouth and the Fore River Basin thank you as well!


Side note: I have a terrible memory for names, especially when in a state of high distraction, so please forgive me if I sound like I have amnesia if I meet you more than once and still don’t know your name.

I still don’t have any answers from the Captain of the EPU regarding what he’s OK with regarding the action, and how I can still make my point without getting thrown out. I’m not there to be disruptive because I won’t be able to come back and make my point day after day. I left another message for him with the trooper.

We all decided to sit without signs today, since I honestly didn’t feel like standing in the hallway. I’m lazy. It’s called “sit with Andrea” for a reason, LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 11.33.41 AM.png

As soon as we sat, a guy started taking pictures of us. Others noticed before I did, heh. Distracted, I was. Turns out he was from The State House News Service, and was there to take photos of me, us, and then he had another assignment directly after in the Governor’s offices.

Why was SHNS suddenly interested in this action? Um, I’ve been approaching Gubernatorial candidates to educate them about the compressor the past couple of weeks, shhhhh. Candidate Bob Massie learned about the project and visited the site first:


Candidate Setti Warren did the same, with a site visit last evening:


Mr. Warren made an announcement to the press yesterday that he would be making the site visit and SHNS picked it up. There were no reporters at the site, but the fact SHNS picked it up was great! Mr. Warren had an event in Braintree after the site visit, and he went and said this* (Twitter link). Well, that’s why SHNS wanted to talk to me. Woot!

With the cameraman gone, a reporter found me in the crowded waiting room (lots of other people there today), and asked to speak to me. I believe I made some sense, and gave some good answers. I’m getting better at this little bit by little bit 😉 Can’t wait to see the story (turns out he was already writing a story on the compressor and wanted to add me to it).

I’ll end this post with a lovely picture taken during Mayor Warren’s visit to the site yesterday:


*Some clarifications, from me, about the main points:
Why is this Weymouth compressor project bad for MA?
1. MA will not get the gas, as it’s slated for export to Canada and overseas
2. Terrible, precedent-setting siting
3. Massive public safety hazard should a leak or explosion occur
4. 61k tons of pollution per year will be dumped into the atmosphere

What can Baker do?
1. Visit the site! Talk to residents who have been waiting 2.5 years for him
2. Make a public statement about his worries regarding the compressor
3. Privately signal to his Energy and Environmental Affairs agencies that they need to be very stringent in following their permitting policies and procedures

This is overwhelming! And I’m so grateful!


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