Day #70

Well. Day 70.

Seventy days our Governor has not spoken to me other than when I said hello to him as he walked by. In these seventy days, Gov. Baker has walked by me 5 times.

Things are going to change up a bit. It’s taken me long enough to move this action forward and bigger. All things change when we’re ready for them to, I guess.

Today marks the day that the #SitWithAndrea action goes bigger. See below:


All are invited!

Bring 8.5×11 signs in your bag. My sign will read as follows, with the days counting upwards. My sign will serve as my note, unless something happens where I have to compile info to give to Constituent Services.

I think my grammar is off on this sign? 😀

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.50.14 PM.png

For the first day of Action Week, I had 5 kind people come stand with me, two of them are from Rehoboth! That’s a long way, and I greatly appreciate it!


As we stood there, a tour group came through. They read our signs and two of the group wished us well. It was really great.

Look forward to seeing everyone!


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