Day #67 (late)

I’ll start with a little story that happened last evening, on my walk from work to the train. It’s very busy in Boston right now with the Sail Boston tall ships in town. As I was making my way on the sidewalk, a little boy on his scooter was deftly navigating through the crowd . He was in no danger of cutting me off, but his father thought the boy did.

We struck up a conversation that lasted one long Boston block that ended with us asking where the other lived. He is from Sharon, MA. Once I found that out, my first question was: “So, you’ve heard about the pipeline?” He had. He asked the status as he hadn’t heard anything in a while, and I told him everything hinges on the Weymouth compressor project.

I told him what I’ve been up to with the governor, and why. He was shocked to learn that Baker isn’t helping, and is letting his MassDEP (almost) hand out two permits even though the Waterways application is incomplete in 9 ways. He was shocked that Baker has had “no comment” and doesn’t want to talk about the compressor.

As we parted ways, I gave him my little blue #SitWithAndrea card so he can spread the word. You never know who you’ll bump into 🙂

Day 67’s note was all about MA citizens having to secure grants and fundraise in order to get the air at and around the site tested. Since MassDEP doesn’t have an air monitoring station in the Fore River area (which is an absolute negligent act given the industry there), AND MassDEP did not send anyone from their office down to test the air at the site. I asked at the Boston office, and was told no one was sent.


Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station and the North Weymouth Civic Association is working in conjunction with Dr. Nordgaard to test the air to EPA testing standards. The first round of testing results can be found here.

So… when any results from the air testing are sent to MassDEP, they are ignored. Why?

The latest round of testing was done over a 24 hour period. Residents canister-sat the whole 24 hours. Governor Baker, why do citizens have to do this?


Here is the FRRACS post, larger so you can read it:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.14.30 PM.png

I was joined by Betsy S and her friend James M., and then we were joined by Rep. Murphy’s Chief of Staff, Mary (second photo with the cool shoes :))







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