Day #66

Sometimes you have to do what’s easiest and, today, not writing a note to drop off at the governor’s was easiest 🙂 Also: if the Governor/his office doesn’t understand the lay of the land after 65 days of informative notes, I just. cannot. even.


I had surprise guests, the Swansons. We had a catch-up conversation where I filled them in on the permitting status of the compressor. FYI: still no permits issued.

Mrs. Swanson mentioned a good point as we were talking: if Gov. Baker thinks the compressor is such a good idea, why doesn’t he come out and say so right now? Baker’s been a fan of the (former) Spectra Energy projects and proposals in the past, pushing the same line the gas company has on repeat: “we need the gas”. Baker has since backed off of his stance due to public outcry and the loss of funding mechanism with his “pipeline tax” being struck down in court last summer.

So. What’s the answer? Is Gov. Baker for or against Spectra/Algonquin/Enbridge’s projects, and the Weymouth compressor proposal specifically?

I think if he’s for it, despite John T. telling me Baker is “neither for nor against the compressor”. It would be great if Baker could just make a statement one way or another. It could save us a lot of anxiety, money, and time.

Maybe watching this video would help him make up his mind:

This compressor station – legislative update video is a MUST WATCH, thanks to Hingham Residents Against the Compressor Station, Senator Patrick O’Connor, North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh, and Representative James Murphy for making this happen! Here is a link to the hearing Rep. Murphy makes mention of regarding the January 2017 gas leak at Spectra’s existing metering station.

Forgot to take a foot photo in the waiting room, but got one where the Freedom Trail makes a turn a couple of blocks down from the State House.


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