Day #60

I’m just plain tired today. I’m disappointed. I’m angry.

The town of Weymouth just posted their nearly 20 page request to DEP to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), like what is going on now with the wetlands permit. (Not a judge in court, which is part of the judicial branch, but a hearing officer within an executive branch agency).

The town of Weymouth is working its ass off to fight this compressor. Weymouth is spending money it can barely spare, and the constituents by and large wouldn’t have it any other way. I cannot imagine what it would feel like if our Mayor, or our town, just took this crazy proposal lying down. Not everyone in town hall can agree that we have more than a snowball’s chance, but we are fighting anyway because it’s the WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF WEYMOUTH.

Gov. Baker, you have so horribly let us all down. You’ve had so many chances to take action and you just DON’T CARE.

Dear Governor Baker:

#SitWithAndrea is 60 days old

For 60 days I’ve been in your waiting room from 1:15pm-1:30pm waiting to talk to you. For 60 days, you have not spoken with me about the proposed Algonquin/Spectra Weymouth compressor station. I’ve been told you “don’t want to talk about” the compressor station proposal. You’ve had many opportunities to step in, ask questions, or just put your foot down and stop this craziness but you have done NOTHING.

How do folks feel about your inaction? I asked them: How does it make you feel that he is ignoring Weymouth and the South Shore considering the proposed compressor project is so clearly poorly sited and not needed? How does it make you feel that his administration has done NOTHING to protect us?

“He is NOT “For the People” of the Commonwealth BUT, “For the CORPORATIONS ” We need a leader who is willing to help people change, we must change and stop w energy sources that hurt our health, water, plants, trees. Energy sources that destroy the planet for future generations.” Rita R.

“It makes me feel like he is a typical politician who speaks with fork tongue. When given a real chance to make a difference and stand up for what he says he believes in, fighting climate change, he stands silent. He gives lip service to the issue publicly but in fact falls short of doing the right thing by not fighting the poor siting of the proposed Weymouth compressor station. There is nothing rural about this area. Compressor stations are normally built in rural areas to minimize risk and pollution hazards to people. He sides with the industry that harms the efforts to fight climate change. He does not protect the people of his state. He doesn’t seem to care that a densely populated neighborhood will have their health jeopardized or that the MWRA pumping station and Fore River Bridge will be very close next door neighbors to a potentially explosive compressor station. He doesn’t care about the poor air quality or pollution that already exits in the Fore River Basin and adding a compressor station will send those problems soaring. I feel abandoned by my governor. I feel like I don’t matter to him, we don’t matter. I feel like he cares more about industry than his people. I feel like my power is in spreading this word and in the voting booth.” Linda I.

“It makes me feel that his good words about climate change are not indicative of his real priorities.” Rema L.

“I won’t be voting for a politician who callously walks by constituents on a daily basis.” Mary E.

“It makes me feel angry~ elected official (we suppose any way) ignores the safety of the people while sticking with the fossil fuel industry~ not nice to treat the people this way~ why not have a conversation with that person who has been hanging out at the State House~ do you wonder why at all~ why can’t you care~ what would happen if you cared~ tell you what volunteer to have Spectra’ compressor in your neighborhood if you are so eager to satisfy those who seem to own you~” Marjorie J.

“He’s not concerned for the future well-being of his constituents over the short term profit that this company will make. People around here ARE paying attention.” Kevin L.

“Thanks to DeSmog and Itai Vardi, we know all we need to know – the governor and his minions are all too cozy with Spectra lobbyists, and do not care about the people of the South Shore. Baker’s repeated falsehoods about the compressor are an example of the deliberate ignorance running rampant in our country right now. Don’t bother him with facts – he knows all he chooses to know already. Every legislator in the state and every citizen in the state can contradict the lies he tells and he will repeat them anyway. Now that he has destroyed our credit rating, can we expect to get him un-elected?” Julie A.

“It makes me feel disgusted. I suspect he has some financial kickbacks or side deals taking place. He is in it for himself. Period. His support of the Paris Agreement is only a meaningless gesture to camouflage the real Charlie. Just another political hack.” Rose C.

“He is a disgrace and needs to be replaced!” Lesley A.

“I think our community is amazing and he is truly disappointing. It is shocking that he can not do anything. Our homes, schools and natural landscape do not deserve to be tarnished.” Kelly A.

“As numbers against the project grow, so do the numbers of people who will try to vote him out. This project is immoral on many levels. His behavior is so strange that one could easily suspect he has been paid off.” Renata H.

I am very disappointed in Baker’s dismissing of the compressor station as “it’s industrial over there anyway; there already is a compressor station over there.” (False)
It isn’t fair that people who live in the town and in the surrounding area do not get to decide what is built in their neighborhood. It seems wrong on so many levels that a Canadian company can just shove this down our throats for [gas] that isn’t even for this country. It’s gross and it’s suspect and I will not be voting for him again unless he pulls all the stops to get it squashed. He is either connected $$ or a coward. Prove me wrong, Governor.” Jenn A.

“60 days, and counting, where Gov. Baker can’t give one of his constituents 10 minutes of time? Shame on him! His severe lack of knowledge of what is currently at the site, what is really proposed for the site, and the fact that state agencies DO have a say in the FERC process, is unforgivable!” Larry O.

“Oh goodness, where to begin? I feel exasperated by his refusal to respond, disappointed by his failure of leadership, insulted by his repeated statements that he has no role to play in this, disgusted by his hypocrisy as he steps up and take a position against Trump on the Paris agreement, and overwhelmed by the level of effort being put forth by private citizens who are spending so much of their time and money trying to force him to do his job even though we are incredibly busy with our own jobs/families/responsibilities. Not to mention how horrified I feel at the thought of the compressor station creating a safety and health risk for me, my family, and my neighbors.” Amee S.

“I am shocked that Gov.Baker has not paid attention to such a large and consistently vocal group of his constituents. Will it take a horrific accident to get him to finally pay attention? I hope not!” Natalie L.

“As a governor who in general is doing a good job, it upsets me greatly that he is overlooking such a potential disaster on the south shore. It will definitely be something I consider next election.” Angie W.

“Let’s put it this way…there was a guy who worked at CVS on Washington St. that looks a lot Baker. I’m thinking it might be easier to get a statement from him than the real guy.

But in all seriousness, he’s quick to dismiss anything regarding the situation, but God forbid anything happen he’d change his tune quickly. I will not vote for him again – especially after last week’s climate alliance talk.” Kim M.

“I’ve had a few conversations with him on his 2 campaign trails. He said he would make time to hear people’s concerns. However, it seems the easier time to make would be to walk out from his office and speak to my friend. My friend who is kind, patient and easy to speak to. His lack of respect for this person speaks volumes to me now. Even if he does not agree with your position, he signed up for hearing people out. The bigger his silence, the more deafening it becomes to the people who vote and care about what is going on in their state. If he does not take responsibility for his role in this horrid project for Massachusetts, then he will have to hear the people speak through voting.” Cindy L.

“Although I don’t live in MA now (I lived in MA my whole childhood and I may move back to MA from RI), I am appalled at Governor Baker lack of caring concerning the proposed compressor stations. His reason is that it is a FERC (federal) issue… that is NOT good enough… I think that Governor Baker is a coward… doesn’t he realize that his FIRST duty is to protect his citizens??? Perhaps he is in the gas/energy company’s pocket? Sounds familiar… in RI, Governor Raimondo is NOT opposed to the proposed power plant (Invenergy’s CREC). She has received multiple campaign contributions from Invenergy’s employees…. KNOWN FACT. Governor Baker… you had better stand up and take notice …. YOU TOOK AN OATH …” Stephanie S.

“Living less than 1/2 mile of the proposed site I am honestly terrified 😦 I am so shocked not only at the fact that he won’t speak about it, but his lack of understanding of what all this really means for us. Reading everything and being very new to this whole situation ( I just moved here) is completely horrifying. The findings with what is already at this site in regards to pollution is scary enough and they almost have the approval to add more !!!! Weymouth has enough and I want to feel safe in my own house !!!!!! I wonder how he would feel if he were me and this was going close to his house I wonder how fast he would speak then? #wherescharlie Marilynn F.

“His behavior has eliminated any shred of respect I had for him. And has motivated me to help make sure he is a 1 term governor.” Laura W.

“His recent lip service in support of the Paris Climate Accords so as to show his slight opposition to Trump is angering and frustrating. He is a green washer and thinks that just because he says a few nice things that we will be happy with that. Honestly, this is worse than his usual apolitical silence because it allows for the citizens of Massachusetts to have false hope that he actually cares about our health and safety. This is not how a real governor acts.” Nickolas F.

“Given Gov. Baker’s interest and support for many SS political candidates and his numerous visits to the area, I would have hoped that he would have gained a greater appreciation for Weymouth and the people who live here. The governor’s concern for the Paris Accord is admirable, but where does he place his concern for the citizens of the Commonwealth. One simple sentence Gov. Baker, “I do not support siting the gas compressor station in the densely populated town of Weymouth.” Cathy T.

“To be honest, I feel that if we are not satisfied with the job the governor is doing, it is time to start paying attention to those people who are running against him in 2018. There are already at least three declared candidates. Get out and hear what they have to say and then jump on board to work for one of them. Grass roots!” Kathy G.

“Why won’t he talk to you?” Christopher G.

Betrayed….Yes!!! BETRAYED MOSTLY!!!”
Tracy B.

“I heard him on WGBH saying that it was the same as eminent domain taking land for a highway exchange that benefits us all. What he is ignoring is that we don’t need that gas and the pipeline/compressor station won’t help our heating bills. Since it’s primarily for export all it will do is benefit corporate profit and shareholder value….NOTHING for residents of New England.” Jim H.

“They won’t care! They don’t care! If you look at where our country is headed on the grand scale we are all in for it! It doesn’t matter! Yes I know it’s not optimistic, and totally against my nature but they don’t care and that’s the reality to me.” Amy O.

“Honestly, you have the patience of an absolute saint going into his office day after day. I’d be arrested by now. Any politician that doesn’t respond to thousands of calls in any meaningful way should not be in office. Not in Massachusetts. His treatment of us is, and has been, totally insulting. I’ve turned a corner with him. I’ve definitely gone from being somewhat hopeful he’ll help us to being sorry I voted for him. Really sorry I voted for him. Some realizations are tough to line up with.

If we had the slightest indication Baker wanted to help us, we could work with it. Considering he has not even visited the North Parcel, there’s absolutely no indication he wants to help. None.” -Anonymous

Your staff and Constituent Services have been gracious and communicative with me, for which I am grateful, but it’s not the same as YOU being communicative and involved.

Governor Baker, you seem like a genuinely nice person, very loyal to those with whom you’ve made a positive connection. While commendable, something tells me you would also be a nice guy expressing condolences after the compressor explodes, taking your constituents and important state and municipal infrastructure with it.


Governor Baker, you have officially sucked the hope out of me. So, what do I do? What do we do? As Grace Paley said: “The only recognizable feature of hope is action.” I no longer have hope you will intervene, but I still have the capacity for action.

And I have one more paraphrased quote for you right now:


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