Day #58 (late)

Yikes. Getting behind. I did want to make sure this day got some time devoted to it, though. I had two visitors who hadn’t met each other before: Zeyneb and Regina. Zeyneb is from Mothers Out Front, and Regina, well, just check out her lab coat:


Regina is part of a group doing work on the increase in infectious diseases caused by global warming. She know what is happening out there now with Zika, Lyme, Powassan, EEE, West Nile (etc) and what will happen next as temperatures continue increase. She also is part of “MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SOCIETY HOUSE OF DELEGATES” that has issued a resolution regarding the health effects of gas infrastructure.MMS Resolution A-17


Passing through was Boston’s Mayor Walsh. I looked at him and said “I’m still here.” It took him a moment, and rightly so, then he remembered, and said “You’re still here!” Indeed. I gave him the “elevator pitch” card I made after I first saw him, and said if he wanted to see what was going on, he could visit the blog. Fun fact: one of my commuter train conductors is Mayor Walsh’s cousin.


Today’s note was about the Paris Accord and the States Climate Alliance (SCA). Hoo-boy, I haven’t had any opportunities to write GREENWASHING in all caps in black sharpie before, but I got an opportunity here:


If Gov. Baker cannot even uphold MA’s own Global Warming Solutions Act even after MA being taken to court for lack of its enforcement, how can we even approach believing in his joining the SCA? How can we allow him to pretend he’s walking the talk? Does Gov. Baker know that this action allows those of us fighting Spectra/Enbridge to very publicly hold his feet to the fire? His actions boggle the mind, and will not be forgotten.

Also included in my note was another article on Virginia and the suddenly politically toxic issue of Dominion Energy. To me, what’s happening in Virginia is a preview of what could happen in Massachusetts if Spectra/Enbridge is allowed to further gain a foothold in our State House, and our cities. Not good for anyone to have a for-profit company essentially running your state. Hint hint. Once Enbridge starts building (literally and figuratively), they won’t stop.

Per the usual series of events, I dropped my note at Constituent Services, and happened to deliver it to the ever-busy John T. I made a request that ALL of my blog’s entries be screengrabbed and entered into whatever their public comment files consist of.Constituent Services digitize (scan) all of the printouts/letters/etc they get anyway, so hopefully screengrabbing these blog posts—which always have more information than the notes—won’t be too onerous. Thank you to CS!

I also followed up for the second time to ask about the EEA contacting me. On April 5th, John let me know someone from MA Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) would be contacting me to talk. Two months later… nothing. So, now I expect a call, and fast.

Lastly, I brought up the Twitter blocking that has been going on with EEA Sec. Matt Beaton’s Twitter account. I expressed my feeling (and others’ feelings) that blocking people on Twitter is not acceptable. Whoever runs the Twitter account must stop blocking citizens. We are not harassing Sec. Beaton, just trying to communicate with him regarding the Weymouth compressor proposal.




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