Day #57

Quiet day, except for the cannons going off in the Common. I had 5 seconds of pure panic when I heard the booms and I didn’t know what they were.

I’m getting shorter on time to work on my notes, but I’ll try to make it up with the blog posts.

Today’s note were copies of the presentation Dr. Curt Nordgaard gave at the last FRRACS meeting on May 30th. There is a brief summary here and the full presentation here.


Also included was a May 23rd article from Itai Vardi that somehow slipped off my mind… probably from just plain disbelief, and a gem of a tweet from Julie Q. in Hingham. She marked up a contribution flyer that Baker’s campaign had mailed to her, took a picture of it and posted it to Twitter. It’s perfect, and perfectly true for Hingham and other towns. Just in case the Baker campaign forgets, if the Weymouth compressor goes in, there will be 23 towns in MA that will be torn up for a pipeline, an LNG storage tank, and another compressor among other things.

That’s a lot of towns, Governor.

Here’s the image, full size. Soak it in.



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