Curiouser & curiouser

So, a show of hands from people who have been blocked on Twitter by @MattBeatonEEA?

Screen Shot 14.jpg

Our fine Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Twitter account handler has been blocking people who tag Sec. Beaton on Weymouth compressor posts. Another Twitter user sent me this image this morning (the user was just blocked)


Blocking people seems like a bad idea if you’re the kind of public official who cares about what the citizens of his state have to say about him, his job performance, the performance of his agencies (MassDEP, MassCZM, etc). And it seems like you only have to tag his account on a few tweets before you’re blocked. Unacceptable.

In case you were wondering about the kind of tweets @MattBeatonEEA doesn’t like to see:
Screen Shot 9.jpg

Screen Shot 12.jpg

Not exactly harassment, and yes, I’ve been blocked as well.


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