Day #54

My goodness, the sun came out today.

Sun. Out. In the sky. Unreal.

Anyway, last night was the FRRACS meeting where Dr. Curtis Nordgaard presented the findings of the citizen air monitoring. A lot of people were there: four members of the press, elected officials and/or their staff, citizen groups from all over eastern MA.


picture by Dawn M.

I’m waiting for a PDF of the presentation slides, and a video to link to here so you can watch the whole presentation. Until then, there are some quick takeaways:

The air testing process was all up to EPA standards, and processed by an EPA approved facility, in case you were wondering. Let’s hope that’s good enough for MassDEP 😉

The below is from FRRACS:


Let’s look at the benzene slide with the expanded chart (sorry for the photo quality). Let that soak in. The testing site was in Braintree, just over the water from the proposed site.


As you can see, the Fore River area is already is deep trouble regarding air pollution. Adding a compressor (and remember, it would be TWO compressors if all gets said and done) to this would be criminal.


In today’s not I also included an article about the inspired actions of PA’s DEP:

The state Department of Environmental Protection has decided to hold four public hearings, including one in Lancaster, on the last permits needed to build the Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline through Lancaster County.


Whether to hold public hearings for such permits is at the discretion of DEP.

‘We want to provide the public, especially those living near the pipeline route, with the opportunity to review permit applications and provide thoughtful, critical and constructive feedback to aid in our technical review,’ DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell said in a press release.


‘DEP is committed to an open and transparent process and takes public input very seriously as we review the permit applications.‘”

Hint. Hint.

Also included was another copy of the requests made by the group of citizens who went to the Lakeville DEP office last week:

  1. MassDEP revoke the Air Quality Approval Plan for Spectra’s fracked-gas compressor station and  issue a new air quality analysis be conducted by an independent  consultant.
  2. Make all Air Quality Plan comments available for public viewing by either internet or email access.
  3. MassDEP issue a new, independent review of the Ch. 91 Waterways Permit, which MassDEP has conditionally approved.
  4. MassDEP’s compliance with 310CMR7.01: General Regulations to Prevent Air Pollution and the Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Act: “to protect and enhance the quality of the Nation’s air resources so as to promote the public health and welfare and the productive capacity of its population;
  5. Considering the unjustified access provided to Spectra during the air permit planning process, MassDEP shall accept a citizen oversight panel which will receive copies of all communications with Spectra Energy and will be invited to attend all in person meetings between MassDEP and Spectra Energy.
  6. If an Air Quality Plan is ultimately approved, that the Plan include additional testing, monitoring, and reporting requirements as requested by concerned and informed citizens.

If an Air Quality Plan is ultimately approved, that MassDEP add a condition that Spectra must pay an independent entity to conduct a health impact assessment for the facility prior to construction of the facility. This requirement would be consistent with the wishes of citizens, policies adopted by the Mass Nurses Association and Mass Medical Society regarding health assessments for new gas infrastructure, and two bills in the state legislature which have been sponsored by dozens of Representatives and Senators.

Last but not least, I had a visitor who walked all the way from Mass General Hospital, and her daughter’s sickbed, to come sit with me. Lisa J. and her daughter Monica are North Weymouth residents. Monica has a bad case of the flu right now, but she wanted to make sure she recorded a video for Governor Baker. (link here)

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.58.35 PM.png

Monica and her family are just one of the many people who would be put in danger every day because of the compressor. Governor Baker, what are you doing to stop this project?


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