Day #52

Continuing on the very real theme of letting a for-profit energy company run your house, Weymouth resident Sandra P. sent me some articles about what’s been happening in Virginia. You can read the short pieces in order, here:

A proposed pipeline tests property rights in Virginia February 6, 2015

Here’s hoping you have a WaPo account, sorry :-/


The bottom line in all of the stuff happening in Virginia is that Dominion Energy has owned and run Virginia for decades. In reading these stories, I could draw so many parallels to Spectra Energy and their proposals. I could spot the falsehoods and half-truths said by Dominion and certain Dominion-friendly politicians. I could spot the pattern of “we’ll get the gas” these hideous projects will lower your energy prices, and this gas is not for export — pardon me while I LMAO.

Now that Dominion is starting to egregiously overstep by wanting to level mountains, etc. people are fighting back. Politicians are taking notice, and refusing to accept Dominion’s campaign contributions (almost unheard of). From one of the pieces:

Why is this happening to Dominion, the once all-powerful corporation that has “owned” Richmond for decades? To understand, all you have to do is visualize verdant Roberts Mountain in Nelson County, nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge range of central Virginia.Federal regulators have revealed that Dominion intends to remove the tops of mountains, including Roberts Mountain, to build a pipeline for gas from hydraulic fracturing. Indeed, using publicly available documents, opponents of the pipeline have shown that the summit of Roberts Mountain could be “reduced” by 60 feet, literally exploded away. But that’s just the beginning of Dominion’s plans for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for fracked gas. It’s a gas “superhighway” tragically supported by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D). To complete the full length of the proposed pipeline — from the fracking fields of West Virginia and into Virginia — the company would have to remove the tops of 38 miles of heavily forested, mostly pristine ridgelines in the two states. From 10 to 60 feet would be shaved off to create a wide, flat surface to allow Dominion’s heavy equipment to lay a 42-inch-diameter pipe. Much of the land would be seized outright using eminent domain from landowners who obviously don’t want their mountaintops blown apart and permanently destroyed. 

As details emerged over the past month, the Dominion plan has shocked the conscience of many Virginians. In town-hall meetings statewide, political candidates report that “pipeline resistance” is one of the top things they hear. And nothing better signals a candidate’s pledge to fight back than to turn down a company’s campaign donations.

Sounds like overstepping to me. Kind of like what Algonquin/Spectra is doing to Weymouth with the horrendous siting proposal.

If Virginia can start to turn things around, why can’t MA start turning this project around and DOWN so we don’t become Virginia in the future? Gov. Baker, don’t let Spectra Energy run your house. Once they are in, they won’t stop building and pushing.

Today Anne G. from Mothers Out Front joined me on the couch. We had company, sort of, in the form of other seated protestors who were there for prison reform. Thank you for coming, Anne!

(Wonder when I’ll get my own velvet divider thing… what are those called?) 😉



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