Can I call this Day #47?

… if I was at the State House, but not in the Gov’s waiting room?

To be strict, I won’t call it Day #47.

I was at the State House to attend part of a hearing on Senate Bill S.469  An Act relative to the positioning of compressor stations at the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee. The hearing is still going on right now, but I’m back at work 😉

I will have links to videos of comments in the next couple of days. I was able to livestream statements from Senators O’Connor and Keenan, and Reps Murphy and Meschino, which you can see here if you have a Facebook account.

**NOTE: As new people get on board with the fight the last few weeks, I’ve heard a misleading statement about existing compressors in the Fore River Area: “There are already compressors there.” Well, yes, but
There are compressors at the Calpine plant and the Potter plant. They are much smaller in comparison to Algonquin’s proposal, and only used to pressurize the gas needed to run the plant. Both plants are dual-fuel, meaning they run on both gas and diesel. When they run on diesel they do not use the compressor because no pressure is needed. Also- the plants only come online when they are needed by the grid. The Potter plant is estimated at only 800 hours per year of use.

So, this post will be updated in the next few days. See ya!


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