Day #45

The wonderful Mothers Out Front group coordinated with me to participate in their Mother’s Day action focused on stopping new gas infrastructure. They delivered over 2,000 postcards from individuals all over Massachusetts, with more to come in the mail:


The postcards were delivered in 2 umbrella strollers:


We tied our actions together as we both request the same thing: no new, unneeded gas infrastructure, (with me adding) especially in Weymouth. My statement: Like California, Massachusetts should be leading the U.S. in renewable energy storage and use. New gas infrastructure is not wanted nor needed in Massachusetts, which is why I’ve been waiting in Governor Baker’s office every work day since February 28, 2017 until he takes action against the Spectra Energy/Algonquin gas compressor station proposed for densely populated Weymouth, MA. I stand with Mothers Out Front and say “Move us to the future rather than locking us into the past.” (D’oh, I should have written “I sit with Mothers Out Front…” LOL)

MOF is very supportive of stopping the proposed Weymouth compressor, and wove that into their statement to John T., Director of Baker’s Constituent Services:


Someone took video (with permission) of the action. I cannot thank MOF enough for surrounding me with support, encouragement, and power in numbers ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!


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