Day #44

Today’s note was all about compressors (Ha! Surprise!), siting, noise/air pollution, and siphoning gas.


After yesterday’s blog post about just where the proposed compressor site is, I figured I had better remind everyone of a few points:

Compressors are not suited for densely populated areas. Compressors are loud, smelly, and run ALL THE TIME. Here’s a challenge – pick out the site in the images below that seems, I don’t know, a little off:


Above ^^ I am referring to this previous blog post about the studies finding we don’t need the gas. Whether a community is rural or urban, neither should have compressors sited for gas we don’t need.

Which brings me to my second point: The gas we don’t need slated is for export to Canada and overseas. Oh, but isn’t the gas “solely for New England”, like Algonquin/Spectra always states? Heh. Nope. Just ask Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), who is very concerned about the amount of natural gas that will be removed from their use if the compressor goes in as currently designed.

Below is their letter (downloaded from the FERC docket, with my highlighting). Please note that BELD would have to either shut turbines down or use a more expensive fuel if they cannot get the natural gas. BELD also notes that ISO New England relies on BELD’s consistent resources.



All that doesn’t sound very “Mass will get the gas” or “your energy prices will drop” to me. There are SO MANY reasons not to allow the Atlantic Bridge project into MA and, especially, the delayed Access Northeast project… but none of those reasons seems to be getting through to those who can help.



2 Replies to “Day #44”

  1. Wow, regarding the Beld letter. Spectra stating it will help bring gas to New England, and YET, They are TAKING GAS from New England with this compressor. How can they lie lie lie??

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