I have work obligations that popped up unexpectedly today, so Day 44 will have to wait. My apologies to Betsy E., who was supposed to sit with me today. I sure hope she gets the 2 SignUp Genius cancellation emails. Sigh.

I do have some thing to post today, though, and it wouldn’t translate to a note anyway. I’m working on preparing 2 short videos, but first have to wrangle YouTube/Gmails cranky account issues.

Stay tuned, thanks!

I’m back, and ready to take Gov. Baker to school.

I went down to the “North Parcel”, as it’s referred to, last night and took some short videos.

Video number one shows the parcel itself, in all of its 4.2 acre glory:


Video number two shows the existing Algonquin/Spectra metering station, you know, the one that leaked in January of this year?


As everyone can see, there is NOT an existing Algonquin compressor on this site, near this site, or anywhere in Weymouth at all. Whether Governor Baker’s or his advisors don’t understand the project, don’t care to understand the project, or Gov. Baker knows exactly what’s going on and is misdirecting/misspeaking on purpose is up for discussion.

I want to choose the option that Baker and his advisors truly don’t have a handle on the project, the process, and the realities of a compressor. The ideal ask is that Baker do the following:

  1. Visit an existing compressor with comparable horsepower to the dual compressors that Algonquin/Spectra want to put in on the North Parcel. Take the time to see, hear, and smell what a compressor is.
  2. Visit the site, 6 Bridge Street, with the experience of a functioning compressor fresh in mind, and picture such a contraption in the middle of such densely populated neighborhoods.

Here are some sights and sounds that don’t do justice to being there in person:








One thought on “Hiatus

  1. Thanks for your efforts…..you are a South Shore Hero! People erroneously say this is proposed for an industrial site but as you know the truth is it is a COASTAL site with fragile ecosystem surrounded by S. Shore residences.

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