Day #43

Coming up on 50 days… It’s gone by so fast. It’s also a lot like Groundhog Day.

I didn’t include this article in my note as it just came out late this afternoon. I am including it here because I am just so irritated by the fact that Spectra lobbyists 1) can get cozy access to decision-makers and I cannot get 5 minutes, 2) take such glee in trolling and making fun of those of us fighting for our town. How funny would they find it if this project was slated for 1,400 feet from their houses, like North Weymouth Town councilor Becky Haugh’s house?

Case in point, courtesy of reporter Itai Vardi:
“In January this year, McShane forwarded Undersecretary Bartlett an email between two other Spectra lobbyists. In the email, Bonsall [Spectra lobbyist] had sent to the company’s in-house lobbyist Sheridan a brief description from a Spectra employee about a gas leak that occurred the night before in the company’s metering station in Weymouth.

Bonsall wrote to Sheridan, “Everything worked as it should but still not helpful,” suggesting Spectra anticipated a negative PR fallout following the leak. Bonsall then added: “Becky will love this!” This appears to be a snarky reference to Becky Haugh, a Weymouth town councilwoman who’s been a critical opponent of the plan to build the gas compressor station in town.

Evidently, McShane felt comfortable enough forwarding this conversation between other Spectra lobbyists directly to [EEA Undersecretary Ned] Bartlett, even though it included a mocking comment about an elected representative’s position on the project.”

North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh, however, can handle it:
When reached for comment, Haugh had the following response:
I’ve sat through numerous meetings about the proposed Weymouth compressor station where Mr. Bonsall and Spectra representatives touted the impeccable safety record and the importance of safety on the Algonquin system. I find it quite alarming that a significant gas leak in a heavily residential area, which went undetected in Spectra’s computerized system, is being nonchalantly dismissed by the very man who came before the Weymouth Town Council and bragged about Spectra’s concern over safety in their host communities. To insinuate that I, as a local elected leader, would be happy about a natural gas leak in my own neighborhood, rather than actually focusing on the problem and lack of controls Spectra has with its existing infrastructure proves that safety is not a priority.”

Anyway… on to today’s note, an article about the March 2017 Providence gas leak:IMG_2072IMG_2073IMG_2074

Linked PCB research

Spectra just plainly does not care about safety, we keep seeing it in their accidents, leaks, and explosions, again and again. Gov. Baker, you must stop this compressor proposal.



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