Day #42

Super ill-prepared today: forgot my phone. No photos. Just me saying I went to the Gov’s office and brought stuff. Wait! I had a witness! Mary P. who came to sit with me again 🙂

So, what did I bring?

This article “Town Draws Suit for Blocking Energy Firm’s Expansion” (that would be Weymouth, yessiree)

This MassDEP extension of Stay document for reference

This nauseating fact: It appears that the lawyer representing Algonquin is a member of WALPOLE’s Conservation Commission, which is ironic considering Walpole is fighting an Algonquin pipeline attached to the Access Northeast project plans (where a pipeline would be added to the theoretically already existing Atlantic Bridge compressor). That has to be against some rules, wouldn’t you think?

This court document, which is actually a great rundown of all the process leading up to the present… if you disregard all the blatant falsehoods and half truths, like this “FERC concluded that “[b]ased on our analysis, the extent and content of comments received during the scoping period . . . . the impacts associated with this Project can be mitigated to support a finding of no significant impact.” There is so much in that quoted sentence that is flat out false that I. cannot. even. I CANNOT EVEN with this kind of insanity.

Extent and content of comments received“?! The comments were almost wholly NOT in favor of the project, and cited science, facts, and Spectra’s history as a company in defense of their statements.

Also, farther into the document: “does not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment“?! We’re not talking about building an imaginary compressor, here. That’s the only kind of compressor that wouldn’t have a significant impact. Ask Minisink, NY.

I’ll stop there #HeadDesk




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