Statistical Interlude

Happy Saturday, everyone! The last stat check-in was at 21 days. Time for another check-in.

For 41 days I’ve used my lunch hour to walk to Gov. Baker’s office, sit for 15 minutes, and walk back to work. My first visit to his office was February 28th.

The #SitWithAndrea blog started on March 7th, and has had a lot of “unique visitors” in 60 days, almost 2,000:

Screen Shot 8

The top 10 most viewed pages on the blog are:

Screen Shot 9

For ease, here are the links to the top “Day” posts:
Day 27
Day 30
Day 25
Day 17
Day 10

49.2 miles walked to and from the State House

82 hours have been put in directly related to executing this action

36 people have come to sit with me since I started, including 2 reporters. Thank you SO much, everyone!

Press! I’ve gotten some.


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