Day #40

There was a video released yesterday that just set all of us who know better completely OFF. Gov. Baker had a filmed sit-down with the editors and reporters of The Patriot Ledger. They asked him all kinds of questions, the first question being about the compressor, and the Gov. gave one of the worst answers yet. Just watch, it’s in the beginning of the video, and you’ll see why it’s baaaaad.

Today’s note was all about how there IS NOT an existing Algonquin compressor on the site. Visit the site, Governor Baker. It’s 6 Bridge Street, Weymouth. Anyone who has ever stood on the site, or even seen it from a passing car would know that there is NO compressor there.

Every time you speak about the Weymouth compressor, you get it outrageously wrong. I don’t know if you’re just ill-informed or being purposely misleading. Either way, it really hurts, you are empirically wrong, and you owe all of us the respect of getting your facts straight. I fervently hope once you understand the scope of the project(s) and visit the site, you might actually be willing to sit with me (or ANYONE, really) to talk about it.


Here’s a closer look at the info sheet I made to help educate everyone in the Gov’s office on the Algonquin/Spectra/Enbridge project names.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.58.48 PM

Here’s the important parts of the image, for those that need it:
Overview of Algonquin Gas Transmission/Spectra Energy/Enbridge’s project names
(If it seems complicated, it’s meant to be)

  • Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) – proposed to be sited in NY state, next to the Indian Point power plant
  • Atlantic Bridge (AB) – Spectra has the financing for the first Weymouth compressor—the only thing tying AB up are all the permits Spectra doesn’t have and they are now trying to get. AB is a small project in comparison to Access Northeast, and Weymouth-focused, although Atlantic Bridge has pieces in other states (mostly Connecticut).
  • Access Northeast (ANE) – ANE also expands all compressor stations on line in NY, CT and RI as well as expanding the Weymouth one. Lots of new pipe in CT too. Regarding Weymouth: ANE would include a pipeline and enlarge/add another comparably-sized compressor to the theoretically existing AB’s compressor. ANE also wants a new compressor station in Rehoboth, adds LNG storage in Acushnet as well as more pipeline in Sharon/Canton and other areas.

As for the other comment regarding we “talk to our federal level officials”… my gosh if you say that again in the face of this screen grab from almost a YEAR AGO, I will (insert legal, and maybe humorous revenge action here). Warren and Markey have been involved for over a year, consistently. Lynch has been there from the beginning, over 2 years.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.16.37 PM

Please, do not ever say we need to talk to our Federal delegation ever again. Ever. Thank you. Can you tell I’m frustrated? I’m definitely frustrated, and disappointed in you, Gov. Baker.

I won’t address your other points here, but they are wrong too: FERC says we need the gas, so we need it. WE DON’T. And we know your administration has the power to stop this. Stop denying it. Please.

Alma D-S from S. Boston joined me today, representing Mothers Out Front. I am truly grateful for her attendance today. Everyone who comes to sit with me is a treasure. Thank you!





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