Day #37

I had three visitors today! Two were scheduled, one was a bonus: Mary of #StandWithMary, and Susan and Minga from Mothers Out Front. I was so glad to see everyone again 🙂 and thank you for coming!


Each brought copies of their MassDEP comments with them, which I added to my folder. I brought Dr. Curt Nordgaard and Margaret B’s MassDEP comments bellafiore-nordgaard-plan-comments  and North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh’s comments Comment_to_Thomas_Cushing_4-30-2017 with me to the Gov’s office. Both of these PDFs are well worth the read.


Things I highlighted:
If the compressor is built in this densely populated area—which has never been done before in the US—the rest of the country can expect to have a gas compressor plopped into their densely populated neighborhoods, a mere 600ft from their homes. That’s a precedent others in the country that are watching the status of this project don’t want to see happen. Gov. Baker- what you do or don’t do regarding this compressor proposal that helps it along, helps to ruin the lives of not just Weymouth citizens, but the rest of the country.

The data Algonquin (Spectra/Enbridge) has presented to both FERC (previously) and MassDEP is INCORRECT. The study done by Dr. Nordgaard has shown that levels of benzene and formaldehyde in the Fore River Area are already way above safe levels. Since Algonquin took an air sample from ROXBURY, 11 miles away, it makes sense that they don’t know that. I’m being sarcastic. And angry. This is ridiculous… citizens having to spend thousands to test our own air just to get correct data.

EDIT: I didn’t get to finish my post yesterday (got too busy!) but I wanted to mention a couple of things, 1) immense gratitude for all the actions citizens, elected officials and their staffers, and groups have done to help myself and Weymouth. I am truly truly humbled. 2) I got to meet Jonathan from Constituent Services who scans all my notes (poor dude) and who reads the notes (in addition John T). He greeted me with a smile so it can’t be all bad, LOL. Huge thanks to the Gov’s CS.



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