Day #31

It’s getting super busy in Boston: high tourist season, the marathon is on Monday, a lot of people out and about! My two co-sitters and I squeezed into the waiting room around a tour group. Joe C. (a new participant) and Mary P. joined me while I sat and as I dropped off my note to Constituent Services. Pretty uneventful visit, thank goodness. I am very grateful that Joe and Mary took time out of their day to join me, braving the crazy pollen levels 😐


Today’s note was a transcript printout of last night’s Greater Boston segment on the Weymouth compressor fight. Weymouth resident Wendy C. found out about the segment from a cryptic tweet on Jim Braude’s Twitter feed. A flurry of tweeting and texting ensued and then we made sure we could get in front of a TV to watch. See the transcript and video at this link, or read below:


“Cheaper gas”, are they kidding? Spectra wanted electric ratepayers to pay a massive amount of money to help them build their projects… how is that lowering any costs?

“Vetted by Federal regulators”? That consists of cutting and pasting Spectra’s numbers onto FERC letterhead. I. Just. Can’t. Even. Much less, the people at FERC who reviewed our project have conflicts of interest with Spectra.

By the way, Spectra/Enbridge is not interested in having their arses handed to them by informed “stakeholders” at meetings any more… they bowed out of a meeting in Hingham yesterday that would’ve allowed them to introduce the compressor project to a new set of residents in the town next door. Spectra, we are not fooled by your claims of being open to discussion. We’ve seen too much.

And, as for the “throughout construction” phrase: do you know something we don’t know? I doubt it. It looks good to your investors who must be getting jittery right about now. Don’t get ahead of yourselves.


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