Day #30

Well, here I am at Day 30.

A local radio reporter came to interview me in the Gov’s waiting room today. I guess there was a miscommunication, or mis-timing, or misunderstanding, OR some other kind of “mis” about using the couch as an interview space, because we ended up getting escorted out of the waiting room by a man in a suit and a State Police officer.*

Shoe identity blurred to protect the innocent 😉


[UPDATE, this evening]

Long story short, we were told that no interviews were allowed in the Governor’s waiting room, that it’s a working office. The office(s) are behind closed doors, but I’m not going to argue with government employees. I’m too busy being embarrassed.

Also, a very curious thing… before we were escorted out of the waiting room, I was handed my note/envelope back. For 29 days I have dropped my envelope in the old-fashioned inbox, and no one has had an issue with it. Now, the guys told me that I was not allowed to put the envelope in the inbox any longer. I have to take it to Constituent Services from now on. When I first started, I was very careful to establish with the office that using the inbox was OK so I’m confused by this direction.

Well, the reporter and I continued the interview at the first bench we found outside the waiting room. If I was flustered already by being interviewed, I was in a high flap after the ousting. I don’t think I’ve apologized so much in my life: to the reporter for being so scattered and to the State Police for breaking rules I didn’t know existed. I was mortified.

Sooooo… I went down to the 2nd floor and handed John T. my envelope. He seemed puzzled about the whole inbox thing, so who knows?

My note for today was all about the New England Council (NEC). Sounds benign and kind of pleasant, no? Not exactly (article by Itai Vardi, included in today’s note).


As Gov. Baker was the speaker today at an NEC breakfast, and he talked about energy and “combo platters”, among other things. He’s said that phrase before: “combo platters” means he includes natural gas without saying it specifically. Re-reading my notes (above), maybe I’m a little punchy after learning I’m definitely not going to see the Gov? Heh. With Vardi’s NEC article, I included some tweets published by NEC this morning, quoting Gov. Baker.

In closing, let me tell you I’m way more “well-spoken” in writing than in person. Or maybe it was just that this was my first ever radio interview this afternoon. Thank goodness for editing, the reporter is going to have a hell of a time with my comments.

*FURTHER THOUGHTS: I should point out that the State Police are positioned at a desk right outside the waiting room. I’ve made friends with one of the officers (who lives in a place that would actually be affected by the compressor!), but he wasn’t on duty at the time of the incident. After thinking about stuff overnight and this morning, the response to yesterday’s incident seemed so outsized. And to switch the inbox rules around after 29 days? Head scratcher… Oh well, it’ll give me some quality time with John T. 🙂


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