Day #29

Busy day at the State House. I squeezed in to the waiting room to find my co-sitter of the day, Jennipher R., wearing cool Converse sneaks 🙂 Thank so much for joining me, Jennipher, it was great to meet you in person!


Today’s note was all about governmental responsibilities regarding climate change and laws. Inspired by this article from CSM, and this op-ed written by MA AG Maura Healey, I created 2 actions to try to address the dichotomy between what laws are on the books and what our government is actually doing. This passage below from CSM really hits it right on the head (my bold emphasis)

In the face of powerful fossil-fuel industries, these cases enable citizen and environmental groups to push politicians to make their commitments more than symbolic. And sometimes, as in Vienna, they are taking governments and the public by surprise.

“The case shows that the commitments that policymakers make to protect climate, to fight climate change, can make a difference on the ground,” says Verena Madner, professor of public and environmental law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She hopes politicians will realize that they can’t “have it all,” signing laws and treaties and then avoiding the follow-through.

“I hope that it’s also a wake-up call for the government and parliament to take action, and to really do climate policy – rather than the courts – in the long run,” Ms. Madner adds.

Johannes Wahlmüller, climate campaigner at Global 2000, a nongovernmental organization in Vienna, agrees. The Austrian judges “said it cannot be that politicians sign those treaties, have the commitments, have the targets, and then we do an approach that’s totally against it.


These passages from AG Healey’s op-ed are also on point (my bold emphasis)

“With a president and an EPA administrator beholden to the fossil fuel industry and who outright deny the existence of climate change, the states must continue to lead and safeguard our future against this existential threat.

“… here in Massachusetts, our state’s Global Warming Solutions Act mandates reductions in climate pollution across our economy, and we’re moving forward with implementing the law. We’re also making transformative investments in clean energy, which are already saving consumers money by beating fossil fuels in the marketplace and have created more than 100,000 jobs in Massachusetts alone.

On this anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision, it is again up to states and cities to lead. That leadership, in courts, legislatures, and communities across the country, is more important than ever.


I also included 2 FAS/E – Families Against Spectra/Enbridge actions that aim to bring attention to the lack of followthrough on the MA Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). Feel free to sign, share and/or call 🙂 Thank you!


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