Day #28

Despite yesterday’s assurance that Gov. Baker doesn’t want to talk about the compressor any more, I am undeterred. We all need him to talk about the compressor. Thousands of us need him, and growing in numbers, day by day. Neighboring towns are starting to wake up to the dangers and everyday nuisances of living near a gas compressor. More new people are contacting their local and state elected officials regarding the compressor proposal. Not one of us will give up until Gov. Baker’s administration follows the GWSA law and denies permits to new gas infrastructure as new projects are not compatible with the GWSA goals.

Today’s note was a printout of Itai Vardi’s piece from last Friday that details even more FERC/Spectra conflicts of interest regarding the Atlantic Bridge reviews and approvals. To read about all of the 3rd party conflicts of interest discovered so far, please read the series.

Why do these 3rd party conflicts matter? State and local government agencies rely on FERC’s decisions and view them as unassailable. FERC, and their rulings are not unassailable. The Commission is rife with people benefitting from powder-puff reviews and rulings made on each and every FERC decision. Basing lasting energy infrastructure decisions and permits on FERC’s deeply flawed review process and rulings is wrong, as is trusting Spectra to provide accurate information in their permit applications. No one that I have seen is independently double-checking Spectra on information except for citizens. That is NOT right.


I forgot to take a foot photo, I know everyone’s so disappointed, LOL. I did, however, find my manners and say “Good afternoon, Governor Baker” when I saw him pass into his office today. He answered with a similar pleasantry. So I guess he can say he did talk to me, haha. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to introduce myself to Chief of Staff Kadish, and hand him my little blue card. I said he probably knew why I was here as I was handing him the card. He read the first sentence, and said something like “oh, yes, now I do.” It was a pleasant exchange, and unlike the man from last week, Mr. Kadish kept my card. Progress 😉



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