Day #26

As I approach Day #30, I have to remind myself that this is a marathon not a sprint. The little bubbles of support that pop up here and there are so meaningful. Today I had a West Roxbury resident join me on the couch, Andrea D-C. Two Andreas, sitting. She was (and is) very active in the fight against the installed and functioning Spectra pipeline and metering station that’s right next to an active quarry. As in, blasting weekly. We had a great conversation, it was so great to meet after seeing each other around Facebook 🙂 Thank you for taking time out of your day to come, Andrea!


I wrote a letter today, a “Dear Gov. Baker” letter. I’ll post it below, and on the Dear Gov. Baker page on this blog (rife with typos because I was rushing, ugh)


Dear Governor Baker-

Good afternoon! Or as I’m wont to say “Hey, what’s up?”

Well. That recent MassDEP Air Permit was a punch in the gut for me and many others. A reminder is in order about why I sit…

I sit for those who cannot be present, but would be EVERY DAY if they could.

I sit because you still think Massachusetts needs new gas infrastructure when 4 studies and counting say we don’t.

I sit because you’re not meeting the legal obligations regarding the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008. You and your administration are actively ignoring the law by continuing to permit this project.

I sit because you thought a “pipeline tax” was a good idea. That the electric ratepayers should help pay for a for-profit company’s costs for gas they don’t want nor need is outrageous.

I sit for the veterans and elderly who live in incineration zones near the proposed compressor and pipeline sites, and whose homes will lose value.

I sit for the little kids whose asthma is going to go off the charts, as well as a host of other chronic health problems resulting from compressor emissions.

I sit for the hundreds of people in the Fore River area Environmental Justice zones who are supposed to be protected from dangerous and polluting infrastructure like this but who are instead in incineration zones.

I sit because EEA Secretary Beaton refused a statewide MEPA review of Spectra’s (now Enbridge’s) illegally segmented gas projects. One big project, segmented as separate projects to avoid comprehensive impact reviews. And you let them get away with it.

I sit because you did nothing while a high pressure gas pipeline and metering station was installed right next to an active quarry in West Roxbury, despite massive opposition. Even your symbolic opposition would have been incredibly valuable.

I sit because I know Enbridge lobbyists are present every week in the State House. They should not be the only voice in this.

I sit because you still think it’s OK to let Enbridge site a compressor on the smallest parcel of land within the most highly populated area ever proposed… and surrounded by multiple explosive heavy industry sites in the Fore River Area.

I sit because you’re putting a large number of your constituents in danger for a for-profit company, and it must stop.

I sit to remind you that Massachusetts can lead on energy policy like the entire West coast is doing right now

I sit to remind you of the impression your inaction has left on your constituents.

I sit knowing that I, and others like me, have the support of Massachusetts’ House, Senate, Attorney General, US Senators, US Representatives, Supreme Judicial Court, Mayors, Police and Fire Chiefs, Town and City Councilors, Boards of Selectpersons, and constituents in opposing Enbridge’s proposed projects.

I sit because your administration has the very unique position and ability to overrule FERC via a Coastal Zone Management (CZM) permit denial.

I sit because your administration didn’t urge the Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) to ask FERC for a rehearing of the conditional certification of the compressor station before the February 2017 deadline. That lack of action, combined with a consistent and glaring lack of communication and cooperation from your administration was humiliating and insulting. Not urging the EFSB do something so simple, so needed, and so grounded in EFSB’s own concerns is negligent.

I sit because Spectra’s safety monitoring is so poor they often don’t know there’s a 
problem at a site until the infrastructure leaks and/or blows up. Enbridge’s record is worse.

I sit because your silence and inaction has left me, and us all, speechless and deeply disappointed.

I sit because the safety of the public must come before Spectra’s profits.

I sit because there are 99 reasons to turn your back on Spectra/Enbridge, and the welfare of your constituents ain’t 1. [POST-DELIVERY EDIT: Holy moly, did I get this backwards! You know what I meant, LOL]

I sit for the future of my children, and yours.

I sit with hope that you will help, and soon. Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

Thank you


I posted in the Pantsuit Nation Facebook Group today, telling the nearly 4 million members what I’m doing. My Facebook notifications exploded. Wheeeee! So much support, encouragement, and some Fore River area residents who didn’t know about the compressor now know! XO



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