Day #25

It occurred to me that it might be time to remind Gov. Baker that he is nearly alone amongst elected officials in supporting Spectra/Enbridge’s projects. I drew a little picture to help him visualize where it appears he stands:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.56.32 PM

Who do we have in our corner? Just look at the attendees at the Weymouth Town Council Spectra leak meeting:
• US Rep. Lynch
• US Senator Warren (Regional Director attended)
• US Senator Markey (Regional Director attended)
• Rep. Mariano
• Rep. Murphy
• State Sen. O’Connor (to be fair, he’s on TC)
• State Sen. Keenan
As well as Town Councilors from Quincy: TC Croall and TC LaForest

I printed out the three letters that Senators Warren/Markey wrote on behalf of extremely concerned constituents 2016.07.25 Letter to FERC regarding Spectra NRG 2016.06.09+Atlantic+Bridge+Letter 2017_02_01 Atlantic Bridge Letter, Sen. Warren’s op-ed titled Natural gas projects prioritize profit over safety, US Rep. Stephen Lynch’s call to halt all Spectra/Enbridge projects, and the article about the Weymouth Town Council meeting with Spectra to discuss the Jan 2017 metering station leak.

EDIT: Also- Warren and Markey have written letters to FERC other than the most recent one. Articles from DeSmogBlog cover the Senators’ involvement nicely.


One side note today: I was waiting on the couch today with a man I didn’t know. He wasn’t with me, LOL. He was waiting for the Norfolk and Suffolk District Attorneys, and some other folks, to talk about MA SJC nominations. We struck up a conversation, and he introduced me to Sharon Shelfer Casey, the Executive Director of the Supreme Judicial Court Nominating Commission. Ms. Casey gave a me a very good rundown of how the Judicial system is set up in MA, and how the nomination process occurs, etc. I managed to avoid telling people why I was sitting on the couch until the man asked me why I was waiting. Heh. I gave him the little card I made:


He read the first sentence and said “Did I read about you in the paper?” I said yes. He smiled, handed me back the card and ghosted me, LOOOL.



2 thoughts on “Day #25

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I can be there at 1:15 on Tuesday, April 18th. I don’t see any other way than this to sign up & I’ll bring my letter to the Governor. I think I’ll be there less than 45 minutes probably. I’m just estimating how long we might talk together. Will you send me a reply email please??

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