Day #24

Well, it’s finally happened. No, no, not what you think. Spectra Energy is no more. Don’t get too excited—we’re now dealing with Enbridge, an Exxon-sized behemoth. If you can judge them by their vast record of negligence, incidents, clean-up costs, and fines, you’ll find that they’re the one thing from Canada you’ll find truly despicable.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.09.36 PM

So all of our work gets harder. Today’s note was a heads-up that Enbridge is here.


My guests today were John G. and Jerry G. These two guys, amongst others, are at the base of the Fore River Bridge holding signs every week to let people know about the compressor proposal. I’ve spoken to parents on the soccer field that say they see them all the time and checked the issue out further. Thank you, Jerry and John!


To be honest, I’m tired today. Sometimes the turkeys get you down. I had a nice spot of brightness, though, when John T. told me someone from EEA would get in touch with me regarding my concerns. Thank you!

While this opportunity to talk to EEA is great, I’ll totally take it when it comes along—the DEP, CZM and EEA have already heard concerns directly from Fore River Area residents for the past 2-3 years. Residents have asked for support and caution for 2-3 years. Residents have watched as permits and orders were granted to Spectra (now Enbridge), heartbroken that the facts are ignored. This is why I sit.

It all comes back to the guy in the big State House office. Only he can point his administration and MA to the future, and decide to act against Enbridge’s unneeded and unwanted natural gas infrastructure. So, how about it, Gov. Baker?


photo by Ken Richardson


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