Day #17

Two guests joined me today: Patrick A. from Weymouth and Minga C-B. from Cambridge (I may have gotten this wrong, but I think she’s from Mothers Out Front). Thank you for joining me!

Today’s note was all about gas compressors and explosions. It’s too bad I cannot share the explosion videos in my notes. I paraphrased Weymouth resident’s comment on a recent explosion: maybe compressors shouldn’t be placed in densely populated areas, folks. Or, really, anywhere especially in Massachusetts. We don’t need the gas!


I also included the glaring reasons why FERC thinks siting a compressor in a densely populated area is OK: rampant conflicts of interest riddle FERC, and on Spectra’s Atlantic Bridge proposals specifically. Reporter Itai Vardi of DeSmogBlog has multiple stories on different conflicts at his series here. Itai’s early work on the FERC 3rd party conflicts of interest was used in Senators Warren and Markey’s first letter to FERC on our behalf.

One interesting thing happened today: as I was talking with Minga, Boston’s Mayor, Marty Walsh, came out of the Governor’s office. I managed a half whispered “Sir”, and thank goodness he turned to me. I quickly told him two things: I loved his latest Boston Sanctuary City video and that I was sitting here to get action from Baker regarding a Spectra project. Mayor Walsh’s ears perked up at the mention of Spectra because of the awful metering station project in West Roxbury, and the lack of a safety plan from Spectra. He asked what the Spectra project was and where. I quickly told him, he nodded and then said “Fight on.” Will do!







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