Day #16

I read a great little story this morning about how Attleboro citizens/business owners and legislatures are forming a coalition against the proposed compressor station in Rehoboth. This initiative is spreading like dandelion fluff in the wind (yay!). If your business would like to sign on from ANY of the 24 MA towns affected by Spectra Energy’s proposals, please go here to do so. This list is administered by Consumers For Sensible Energy.

So… I decided to print out that Attleboro article, and write a note about how this coalition action is only going to spread, and why, oh, why is he almost the only one in MA elected office that supports Spectra’s projects?

A note on the Rehoboth compressor: Weymouth and Rehoboth are the sole compressors proposed for Spectra’s projects. Both are craptacular projects and are not needed, dangerous, and too close to humans. Which compressor proposal siting is worse is not a competition, and if it was there would be NO WINNERS.

I decided, however, to take this opportunity to include information from North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh regarding the student population in the area:

  • how many public schools are in a 3 mile radius of the proposed compressor site?

    There are 13,255 +/- students, 33 mostly public schools

  • how many daycares are in the 2 mile “evacuation radius” and incineration zones of both the pipeline and compressor?



ONE MORE THING: I learned how to officially ask for an appointment with the Governor. I had already attempted by email a couple of months back, but was ghosted once I said it was about the compressor, LOL. I went down to the Governor’s constituent services office and placed my request. Got a smile and a nod, “thank you for your interest”.


#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence


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