Day #13

Quiet at the office today. I brought notes about a senior, Mary, who lives in the compressor zone (can be found at HotIZ). I hope to gather more photos of seniors in the red zone for this week’s notes. I also included a custom Google map of the proposed pipeline and compressor sites. There are too many vulnerable populations in these Incineration Zones.


Below you can see a larger version of this map, or you can go here to view the live map.
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.17.57 PM

Last/least… the source of endless amusement for most of the tourists visiting the State House: The General Hooker Entrance. I think the State House has a sense of humor: “His [General Hooker’s] personal reputation was as a hard-drinking ladies’ man, and his headquarters was known for parties and gambling, although the historical evidence discounts any heavy drinking by the general himself.


#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence


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