Day #11

Pretty eventful day, so that means I forgot a waiting room foot photo. I was very glad to meet Weymouth resident Elizabeth M. who hand delivered her note to Baker’s office, and then sat with me. Elizabeth’s daughter is at daycare (photo at left) in the Incineration Zone (IZ). Also included in the note was a photo and statement letter from Laura A. (which I now see my typo on her photo, oh shoot). Laura’s letter was attached to the back of her IZ photo.


Notable today:

  • I met with reporter Jessica Trufant from The Patriot Ledger. She is doing a story on #SitWithAndrea, woot! She said it should be out by tomorrow. I’ll post it here.
  • I got through to Boston Public Radio’s Ask the Governor (after 113 calls), was put on hold, but was ultimately too late. I was actually on my way to the State House when I got through on the line. Oh, the irony.
  • Daria from Sen. Pat O’Connor’s office joined us as we sat. His office is the first one to send a representative to sit with me and I really appreciated it.

Last and least- here are my feet, on my way back to work. It’s cold outside, people.IMG_1395.JPG

#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence



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